The Quest for Storage Bins

stampbox 1Ya know I’m always dissatisfied with my storage options. My stamps have been all lumped together in one of the plastic drawers from one of those 7-drawer towers. Then they usually ended up all over the floor when I was looking for one. I’ve seen lots of options on other people’s websites – some are really cool – they look like the displays at the craft shops. stampbox 2Unfortunately I don’t have the wall space for that. So at the last 50% off the plastic crap sale at the local craft shop I picked up this piece .. and, hey, it works! At last! I even sorted the stamps! The bottom layer has all my unmounted stamps, the middle has all my big collage stamps, and the top (which has the only dividers the thing came with) has all my little stamps broken up into categories. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sometimes I’m anal about things. I’m amazed at how many stamps I have – and I don’t even scrapbook!
On Monday we had our doll club meeting/party – lots of fun – we did a couple of make it/take its. I taught the girls how to make domino magnets and I think the craft store is going to see a run on alcohol inks now, LOL. We also made these cute little snowmen ornaments … why my camera hates to photograph red I don’t know …


The chair still hasn’t been touched …. but last night while I was laying in bed I did come up with my color scheme … who needs to sleep when you can daydream art!

5 Responses to The Quest for Storage Bins

  1. shashi says:

    Is that why you have been quiet? That snowman pin is very cute. You are quiet right about day dreaming or night dreaming. I have been doing that and now I have started a dolly. It is a small one, If it turns out good I will make a bigger one.

  2. Kai says:

    Nice job of organizing! It’s so darned hard to keep stamps neat & easily accessible! But that looks like a good way! And I love your snowman!

  3. Oh my how organized and that snowman is wonderful..I had jeff put a dowel in a board so I can start my snowman for Shane/Shybree for their new home…well as soon as the sponge bob twins are finished…teehee

  4. Cindi says:

    Oh Judy, I’m sorry you couldn’t comment over at my blog! I fixed the settings for you!
    Don’t you just love being organized? I seem to have a very strange brain, because I get really messy and have stuff everywhere when doing something creative, but afterwards, I have to take the extra time to make sure that EVERYTHING is in the exact place it’s supposed to be. I’m a little TOO organized, but at least it leads to a cleaner work space and a cleaner house. I drive my husband up the wall with my complaining about his apparent lack of the same need to clean.
    You found a very cute storage bin! I think I want one now…..

  5. Maralena says:

    I try to hit the 50% off at Joann’s whenever I am in need of extra storage. I lucked out on Acryllic Paint boxes there that way, and I love them. Adorable snowman you have there.

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