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Aspen Tree Collage Tutorial

May 1, 2016

I have been making a ton of these paintings lately, ever since I saw something similar on Facebook. It's a compilation of collage techniques, a lot of stenciling, and mark making. I had a few people ask how I do this so I thought I would do a quick little tutorial. This piece was done on a 6″ x 9″ piece of birch plywood, but you can do this on paper or canvas or whatever you like. The first thing I did was gesso the entire piece because I like to use Gellatos for my first layer but you can use acrylics or whatever you have on hand.

So, lay down some color for the background and glue on some collage pieces. I used an old book page and some washi tape. I used Golden's regular gel medium to glue them down.

Next I just added some color with Dylusion brand spray.

Start putting down some color using stencils, acrylic paint, and a makeup sponge.

Keep going, just add lots of layers. I added yellow flowers, magenta dots, and then pushed it all back with a light layer of white. The white was put on using a big open stencil.

Then added some hearts.

Now get out a pen or two and make some marks. This would make a really pretty piece just like this!

Here's the key to the whole thing. The Aspen Tree 12″x12″ stencil from Crafter's Workshop. Lay it down so it will give you the maximum number of trees. If it doesn't fit just put the top edge of the stencil at the top of your work. You can add more paint at the bottom of the tree trunks if needed when you're done with the stencil.
Tape the stencil down with blue painter's tape and start sponging black paint on. The stencil is actually a mask so you are filling in the negative space.

If you want to add a moon, use something round to trace around with white paint. Just paint over the background, not the trees.

Fill it in with white paint and use a tiny paintbrush to fix any branches that might have been covered with the black paint. Refer to the stencil to see where they go.

That's it! Please do not copy this tutorial or sell it for profit. You may link to it all you like though. Enjoy!


Tomato tin to Paint Brush Holder

August 9, 2010

I ran out of space in my mesh pencil holder that I’ve been using for my brushes and had grabbed an empty tin from the kitchen to use for the overflow. U G L Y … to say the least! So I finally got around to prettyfying it up and thought I’d share how …

Step 1
Base coat your can with white gesso and then whatever color you like. I, obviously, used yellow craft paint. I left the paper on too as you can see, if I decide I don’t like this later on maybe I can tear it off and change it! Don’t worry about totally covering up any words that show through – this is only the first layer!
Step 2
Put a little bit of paint in a spray bottle (got these for $1 each in the travel section) and add a teensy bit of water. Spray and let it drip – doesn’t this look luscious all by itself!
Step 3
Add some collage elements. I had some leftover strips of paper from when I made the bookmarks so I stuck them on plus a vellum saying I had sitting around. I didn’t have vellum glue so I used my trusty Gel Medium. Didn’t work so well on the vellum, it kind of crinkled but I like the look. See my trusty glue brush? I use cotton swabs for all types of things!
Step 4
Start adding more layers. I tend to overdo this technique to death … sponge through some sequin waste. I did this in a couple of different colors.
Step 5
Adirondack Color Wash. I learned about this stuff from Suzi Blu’s class and I’ve been using it on everything! It’s very thin and dye like. I masked off the vellum because I didn’t want the saying to disappear under paint. Painter’s tape (the blue stuff) is low tack so it’s pretty safe to use on projects. Spray a couple of colors on your can. See the sunflowers? Old plastic placemats that I was going to toss until I decided they would make great art mats – a couple of them made a great splash screen!
Step 6
Just keep adding layers until you are happy. I sponged on more paint and sprayed a bit more. I even added one of the little rhinestone flowers I got from a scrapbook section at WalMart. I sponged some Titan Buff on it to knock it back some. Just play until it looks right to you. I ended up with the messy ‘painterly’ look I was going for and I think my brushes are much happier living in their tomato can now!
Tomato can to paint brush holder - tutorial