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Aspen Tree Collage Tutorial

May 1, 2016

I have been making a ton of these paintings lately, ever since I saw something similar on Facebook. It's a compilation of collage techniques, a lot of stenciling, and mark making. I had a few people ask how I do this so I thought I would do a quick little tutorial. This piece was done on a 6″ x 9″ piece of birch plywood, but you can do this on paper or canvas or whatever you like. The first thing I did was gesso the entire piece because I like to use Gellatos for my first layer but you can use acrylics or whatever you have on hand.

So, lay down some color for the background and glue on some collage pieces. I used an old book page and some washi tape. I used Golden's regular gel medium to glue them down.

Next I just added some color with Dylusion brand spray.

Start putting down some color using stencils, acrylic paint, and a makeup sponge.

Keep going, just add lots of layers. I added yellow flowers, magenta dots, and then pushed it all back with a light layer of white. The white was put on using a big open stencil.

Then added some hearts.

Now get out a pen or two and make some marks. This would make a really pretty piece just like this!

Here's the key to the whole thing. The Aspen Tree 12″x12″ stencil from Crafter's Workshop. Lay it down so it will give you the maximum number of trees. If it doesn't fit just put the top edge of the stencil at the top of your work. You can add more paint at the bottom of the tree trunks if needed when you're done with the stencil.
Tape the stencil down with blue painter's tape and start sponging black paint on. The stencil is actually a mask so you are filling in the negative space.

If you want to add a moon, use something round to trace around with white paint. Just paint over the background, not the trees.

Fill it in with white paint and use a tiny paintbrush to fix any branches that might have been covered with the black paint. Refer to the stencil to see where they go.

That's it! Please do not copy this tutorial or sell it for profit. You may link to it all you like though. Enjoy!


Paint over Collage

October 4, 2015

Having fun with my Lifebook 2015 classes. This is a paint over collage technique taught by Tamara Laporte. It is ingenious! I may never try drawing faces again. Just kidding. I bet there is a way to do this on a cloth doll, especially if it is flat faced. Something to think about!


More LifeBook

March 14, 2015

You know I haven't made a doll in nearly two years now.. Not sure why not. I I still sew on occasion although it's usually a knitting bag for me or a gift. I am still creative but my creativity has moved in a different direction. I always have something on my knitting needles now. That started about 9 or 10 years ago just because it was something I was wanted to learn. It turned into my community. I have a weekly knitting group that I attend since the doll group died. I am also really enjoying all the mixed-media work i am doing. I think to myself oh, I should make a doll out of this, but I never do. Maybe someday. In the meantime I am just enjoying myself.

This piece was taught by Patty Ballard in the LIFEBOOK course.




Don’t let it get you down

February 3, 2015

It's always something! I developed trigger thumb in my right hand recently and had to have surgery to fix it. Doesn't it just figure that I would get new art supplies in the mail when I can't use them. Grrrr. I decided to try to draw anyhow. No use of my thumb but since this was drawn really loosely I thought I could do it! And I did! Really happy with this. It's a bonus lesson from lifebook 2015. I'm behind in class now but hopefully I'll catch up soon. So here's my 'Affirmation Feather' (and my lovely bandage).


Mixed media canvas

December 21, 2014

Nothing like last minute presents! As if I didn't have enough knitting to finish now I'm painting. I signed up for an online class with Kate Crane called Journal Soup 2. I really like how she does her backgrounds. Quite fun. I have to admit I was surprised at how different painting and marking on canvas is rather than paper. This is for a co-worker whose favorite color is, no surprise, pink!



Another tip in page

May 20, 2014

Just to show I am still alive, here is my latest tip-in page for my documented life project. The background is a mono print that I made with my home made gelli plate, which was such a simple, simple process. It is a lot of fun to use although I am still getting the hang of it. The girl is a deli print (stamp) that I received in a swap and I really am taken with it. Might have to try to find it.

The other bits and pieces are painted circles. Those are super addicting and incredibly fun to make. They make cool photos too, lol.


This and that

March 31, 2014

I have a few things to share today. I am working on a steampunk skirt – for me and not a doll! It has layers of ruffles and I am just a little pin obssesive, lol. This didn't move an inch!

I got a little frustrated while putting in the zipper, took me two tries, so I took a time out and made these little cards to put in my 'Happy Mail'. Basically swapping ephemera with other like minded souls.
Lastly, the Documented Life's challenge for this week is to write your name and embellish it. I started a page last night but I'm not loving it. Goofing around with some scrap paper this morning I came up with a design I like a whole lot better. I will try to recreate this tonight on my mixed media paper. Wish me luck!



Hand carved stamps

March 20, 2014

Thought I'd post a photo of the hand carved stamps that I made last weekend. I'm really happy with how most of them came out. Years ago one of the girls in my doll club taught us how to make these. I had all the stuff on hand because, as usual, when I get excited about something I buy, buy, buy. Then I lose interest and the supplies sit for years, because as we all know, as soon as you throw it out you will want or need it!

So these are carved onto a material called Soap Eraser that I got from Dick Blick. The tools I used were a speedball carving tool and an exacto knife. They are kind of primitive but I like it!



The Documented Life – Week 10

March 8, 2014

This week the prompt was to write a list of things that made you … you. For some reason this really intimidated me. I have never been comfortable with the idea of journaling, putting really personal things down on paper. What if I wrote something negative and someone found it? What if I poured out my heart on paper and it was laughed at? A secret is a secret only if no one knows it. So I don’t do it. Even the thought of writing about myself was difficult – how deep do I want to go? I pondered this most of the week and started a few little lists and then tossed them aside. This is what I ended up with. I used tags to make the little flaps and I still have one entire side of a tag to add to my list. I actually did put something really personal in there – but it’s on the back of the tag that is taped to the page. So no one can see it. That was actually a pretty big step for me. Glad this week of The Documented Life is over!

First flap open:
The Documented Life Project - Week 10
Second flap:

The Documented Life Project - Week 10

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

Here is my week 7 challenge for The Documented Life Project. I photoshopped the words on top so I could use it as a card but the original in my planner is just plain. This was fast and dirty. Seriously. I did a lot of spraying, splattering, and finger painting. Even after scrubbing and a shower my fingers are still stained!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today.