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I’d like to sell some of my dolls. They are taking over the house and having wild parties while I sleep. I’m getting tired of cleaning up after them. But I’m not sure how to sell them. I’ve heard that cloth dolls don’t sell on eBay at all – or if they do it’s for very little. My thought was to have a ‘Dolls for Sale’ link on the blog so you could click to a page with their pictures on it. That’s the easy part. The hard part is how to have people pay. PayPal has a ‘Buy it Now’ button that you can use but I don’t know how you could stop more than one person from clicking on it. I wrote to them and got a form letter reply that was all about auctions. Big help – NOT! Or is it even a worry? I don’t think there would be a rush to buy my dolls. Another idea was just to have people email me if they are interested and I could give them my PayPal ID. My brother, the web maestro, said that’s too boring and slow. He says people want instant gratification and if they buy something it needs to be right then not after a bunch of emails. I want to sell the Whisper doll that I just finished and a few older dolls too. If anyone has any good ideas please leave me a comment.

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  1. Maryellen says:

    At last an easy equation that I got right first time. Thanks for commenting on my quilt. I don’t normally name my pieces as I have enough trouble remembering the names of the people and animals that already have names. I just woke up and really need my tea. If you’ll check Jennifer Gould’s link off my blog you’ll see how sh sells her dolls. She actually makes enough to pay her mortgage and live off of too. I believe she does big shows and sells in galleries. Perhaps now with summer here there’s a gallery around where torisits will snap up your stuff. I’d like to do shows and the galleries. Of course this means I have to finish more then one project every six years. I have another cat quilt too. it was the first one and didn’t work so i trashed it. I changed my mind and cut out the cat body minus the tall and it hangs in the studio along a side wall even in a rather rough fashion. I guess I just fell in love with my own work.

  2. The paypal buttons have a parameter that you can set when you have one available. You can have someone pay for the only one you have…I believe. (I’ve done mostly stuff in multiple quantities).

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