Don’t let it get you down

It's always something! I developed trigger thumb in my right hand recently and had to have surgery to fix it. Doesn't it just figure that I would get new art supplies in the mail when I can't use them. Grrrr. I decided to try to draw anyhow. No use of my thumb but since this was drawn really loosely I thought I could do it! And I did! Really happy with this. It's a bonus lesson from lifebook 2015. I'm behind in class now but hopefully I'll catch up soon. So here's my 'Affirmation Feather' (and my lovely bandage).


Life Book 2015 and Doll Club

Happy New Year! My gift to myself for 2015 is a year long art journaling class called LIFE BOOK 2015. There is a different teacher each week so it should be quite the learning experience. I was really excited to see that the first lesson was a whimsical creature. The lesson was titled The Beacon of Light and this is my little girl.

I think she would make a great little doll.
Last month one of the girls who was in my old doll club got in touch with me because she wants to try to revive our doll club. We got together for coffee and decided to have a winter only club that meets the second Saturday of the month at a coffee shop. We are going to use Facebook to organize and share information. Wish us luck!


Mixed media canvas

Nothing like last minute presents! As if I didn't have enough knitting to finish now I'm painting. I signed up for an online class with Kate Crane called Journal Soup 2. I really like how she does her backgrounds. Quite fun. I have to admit I was surprised at how different painting and marking on canvas is rather than paper. This is for a co-worker whose favorite color is, no surprise, pink!



Documented Life Project

I can't believe I'm still doing this! It's week 38 and the prompt was to incorporate a feather. I incorporated a few, real and imagined. Still Zentangling too as you can see from the bird.


And a better picture without the glare


I realize that my style is more on the simple side. Although I love the crazy busy pages with tons of doodles, that just isn't me. Will probably still try them but will also probably end up back here.

Ocean essence Zentangles

Took another Zentangle class this past weekend. All of the girls in the class were also in my class at the Summer Arts Festival last month. It's fun to treat yourself to art classes. This class was focused on ocean themed tangles. My tile is bottom right.



Traveling dolls

As I mentioned earlier I am involved with another ‘Flat Stanley’ round robin over at Doll Street. This latest doll kind of languished during the month I had her. I had meant to take her around to get her photos taken for inclusion in her journal but I guess I just got lazy. I even took her fishing last weekend but forgot she was tucked away in the closet and never got her out for photos. What was I to do? Photoshop her into photos I already had! I have pretty limited Photoshop skills but I think this came out pretty well!

The Color Run – Fairbanks, Alaska



Another tip in page

Just to show I am still alive, here is my latest tip-in page for my documented life project. The background is a mono print that I made with my home made gelli plate, which was such a simple, simple process. It is a lot of fun to use although I am still getting the hang of it. The girl is a deli print (stamp) that I received in a swap and I really am taken with it. Might have to try to find it.

The other bits and pieces are painted circles. Those are super addicting and incredibly fun to make. They make cool photos too, lol.


All together now -WonderCon 2014

The con was everything I thought it would be and more. It was a blast walking around and seeing everyone's costumes. The Artist Alley had so many talented artists it was amazing. I even got to visit with my friend Dee Schiller for a few minutes, so that was neat. I wouldn't have even known the con existed if it wasn't for her.

I got my steampunk seamstress costume finished the night before I left – I seem to work well under pressure. Had a few people stop me at the con to take my photo so that was pretty cool. And here I am, the proprietor of Lady Judith's Sewing Emporium.



Steampunk seamstress cuff

Later this month I am going to WonderCon, a pop-culture convention, kind of a junior Comic Con. I have wanted a steampunk outfit for a very, very long time so this gave me a perfect excuse to make one. I decided my character was going to be a steampunk seamstress who works out of Lady Judith's Sewing Emporium. As it is always handy to have your tools close at hand, I decided to make a bracer. I gathered up some appropriate 'stuff', like bobbins, scissors, thread, and a needle holder and then I laid them out on some batting so see how it worked and if it would fit my arm. I actually have a historical pattern from Butterick that had a good base pattern to use. Saved me trying to draft one.

Steampunk has to have gears and gauges, but they have to make sense to me. I don't believe in putting on random gears just for looks. It has to have some sort of function. So my wonderful husband helped me build a Bobbin Fill indicator. Soldering a bottle cap to a brass tube was not easy. Glad I did not have to do this on my own. He also taught me how to cut and form the leather. I could not have done this without him! When I went to the store to buy the leather dye, I found a great pair of scissors, so my stork embroidery scissors got changed out with these. Much happier with them. This is the leather layout.

Leather cuff in progress

And here it is completed. My friend Judy Skeel gave me a great hint from her son who is a leather worker. She said to use sandpaper to age it. My husband didn't think that was a good idea so I waited until he went to bed and then I got out the sandpaper. I got the idea to use the acorn nuts from my Steampunk Gears, Gadgets and Gizmos book. I lined it with some orange fleece and it fits perfectly now. I love how this came out!

Steampunk seamstress cuff



This and that

I have a few things to share today. I am working on a steampunk skirt – for me and not a doll! It has layers of ruffles and I am just a little pin obssesive, lol. This didn't move an inch!

I got a little frustrated while putting in the zipper, took me two tries, so I took a time out and made these little cards to put in my 'Happy Mail'. Basically swapping ephemera with other like minded souls.
Lastly, the Documented Life's challenge for this week is to write your name and embellish it. I started a page last night but I'm not loving it. Goofing around with some scrap paper this morning I came up with a design I like a whole lot better. I will try to recreate this tonight on my mixed media paper. Wish me luck!