Melting felt

I’m at it again! I bought a new heat gun today, oh my, oh my, oh my. I had *NO* clue that what I had before was a pale imitation of one. Now I know why my fabric melting experiments never worked out as well as I thought they would. But tonight’s experiment was FANTASTIC .. I am *so* happy with it!

The latest Quilting Arts magazine had an article on Stitch and Felt. It was pretty simple and comes out looking stunning so I thought I’d give it a go. The base of the fabric is Kunin felt. I thought Kunin felt was some exotic felt until I went to their web site and realized it’s the little squares that you buy in the craft store. I can even find that up here in Alaska! I think you can get it in bigger pieces too. The instructions said to stamp a design with fabric paint – so I stamped some flowers. Then you satin stitch around the edges so you have a border that won’t melt away. After that you free motion embroider the piece – really heavily on the flowers and enough to tie it all together elsewhere. Notice the felt is a nice light blue. Until you hit it with the heat gun. Oh boy, that was a blast – the new heat gun withered that felt away – I couldn’t believe it. BUT, BUT, BUT .. it stinks and you really need to wear a respirator because it puts off fumes. I need to buy one before I kill myself. Anyhow – isn’t the lacy piece awesome? See how the color changed? I love this! I bought 10 pieces of felt today so I can see a lot of practicing. I promise to get a respirator first, okay?


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  1. kai says:

    For just a minute there my brain totally FROZE – well, after ALL, it’s only 4:20 a.m., LOL! – and for the LIFE of me, I couldn’t ADD in order to post this. Goodness! Anyway, I would never have thought about melting felt! Very pretty, too! Hmmm … I’ve got enough felt here to open a store. Maybe … NAW! Toxic fumes I don’t need! Heehee! I’ll leave heat guns, experiments, and beautiful end-results to YOU!

  2. Shashi says:

    That is stunning Judi. Mmmm now my mind is working as to how I am going to get my hubby to buy me a heat gun. Once I have duped him to do so when am I going to use it/. Have to get him out of the house or else he will think I am trying to kill myself and him or burn the house down.

  3. Maryellen says:

    very cool! Now I want to try. But I need the heat gun and respirator. I do have loads of the felt.

  4. Natalie says:

    Judi-one word AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it….
    Now I have to run out and buy the magazine. I know you’ve probably been playing with this technique all day long. Have fun for me…

  5. Sandra Corson-walker says:

    Oh my, I don’t have that issue yet. I love it!!!What an interesting piece. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  6. Kathy White says:

    I can’t believe the difference between your first and second pictures. As soon as the new Quilting Arts arrives I shall nip over and get it. You’d think Peterborough is the Back of Beyond – everybody seems to get their magazines before our Chapters does (subscription, maybe?)
    What model of heat gun did you get? Mine is about three years old…..

  7. jan Demetralis says:

    Darn you Judy– Now I will have to try that You make everything –so interesting–BUt I think I will wait for summer so I can work where I wont kill myself –or anyone else THat is REALLY gorgeous WHo would have thot???

  8. velia says:

    Even if it’s raining cats and dogs again tomorrow, I’m going for a het gun. I looked for one today and they were out at Joanne’s. felt I have tons, but I need the gun now that I see the fabulous work you’ve discovered for us. Thank you Judi.

  9. Tami says:

    Wow!!!! I really like the effect that you achieved with the heat gun. It’s amazing what synthetic fabrics will end up to be with just heat. Hmmm, I know that I have a heat gun somewhere – I’ll have to try this great technique this week! Thanx for the before and after shots. πŸ™‚
    Yes … you MUST get a respirator to ward against the toxic fumes.

  10. Linda Murphy says:

    Wow that is so cool….
    If I didn’t already have a chest cold I’d be trying it right now….

  11. velia says:

    You mentioned April’s Issue? No Way, all I found was Winter’s. The cover reads: Hot tips for fusing fabrics. Is that the one????

  12. Melanie Grube says:

    Your piece is really beautiful, but I am interested in how it feels. Is the melted felt hard like solid plastic and rough where melted? If it has a soft face and is flexible, I am thinking of embroidering a full yard piece and then cut out a little jacket for my niece (1 yr).

  13. Anne Marie says:

    Neat Blog! I read that article too – and was wondering if you would share the brand of heat gun that you purchased?
    I have never used one and am asking advice on which one to buy. Thanks for the inspiration – please email me if you can,
    anne marie

  14. Sara says:

    Six years on, your blog is still engaging, funny and informative. The outcome is fantastic – I wasn’t expecting that, but as I scrolled down, it was like seeing a brilliant rainbow after a heavy downpour. Thank you πŸ™‚

  15. Jacqui says:

    I have been trying to ‘melt’ Kunin Felt unsuccessfully and would like to know what heat gun you are using. I have a Dovecraft Dual Speed Heat Gun, mainly used for embossing. The maximum wattage of craft heat guns available here in the UK is 300w but I have been told that this should be hot enough and yet I cant get the felt to melt into the filigree condition that you have achieved. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be much appreciated as I bought loads of felt for this specific purpose. Thanks

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