Funky figures

One of the swaps I’m doing this month with my Embellished Circus mail art group is Funky Figures. At first I tried making a figure using a wine cork as the body but it didn’t work out very well. I mean, it worked, but I didn’t like it. So then I dug into my embellishment box and came up with two metal pieces that I decided to work around. I think they came out okay.

The first one is a traveler; the head is a half globe with the map of Australia, the banner says Travel, one hand is a charm shaped like Alaska (it’s sideways in the photo, oops), the other is a Chinese coin. What’s fun is that all the pieces traveled to get to me — I got the globe from a mail art friend, the travel banner came from Heather in Michigan, the Alaska charm was bought down in Anchorage by my daughter, and the Chinese coin – well, maybe it came from China, LOL.
The second figure is pretty self explanatory. Both the metal body pieces are scrapbook embellishments (from Heather – thank you very much!)!. It really is fun trying to find things that will work with your visions!
funky figures
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4 Responses to Funky figures

  1. Kathy White says:

    It is so nice to visit your blog again and get caught up with your creativity. Molly is sending me a cheque in AM$, so I should be able to send you your cheque in AM$ very soon. I haven’t forgotten about youm honest!! (I think it would be a terrific idea if you wrote up the domino necklaces as a class for DS – I would take it in a minute!)

  2. kai says:

    I LOVE these – I love art dolls, period! Your traveler is ULTRA cool! Where’d you get a GLOBE that small – or did you MAKE it? Really clever, both pieces!

  3. Sandra Corson-walker says:

    Wonderfuly creative! I want so much to spend a day just playing!!!!!! But I have so much to do! And Now you have gone and done it to me again….Hehehehe, love it.

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