Foam Core Bulletin Board

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make a bulletin board using foam core so I’m just going to quickly show you what I did. Remember my old ‘bulletin board’? It was the back of a flannel tablecloth.

old bulletin board

I didn’t want to do that again so I figured I’d make myself a giant bulletin board.

Step 1 – Buy a foam core board that is so big it is taller than your room.


Step 2- Get your husband to cut it down to size. Note that we were smart enough to put a piece of wood under it so we didn’t slice up the new flooring. 🙂


Step 3- Try to staple the batting and flannel to it and find out it doesn’t work. Nothing to bite into. So get out the spray adhesive and glue that sucker down. Trim the batting to size when it’s dry.


Step 4- Use a mix of spray adhesive and duct tape to affix the flannel to the board. I use flannel rather than cotton because I like to have cotton cling to it (I have a collection of fabric faces from when I started doll making I display). I also glued a thin strip of left over underlayment to the top to help screw it to the wall. This was hubby’s idea.


Step 5 – I bought enough ribbon to do that criss-cross thing you see on some bulletin boards but in all honestly I don’t really care for it. Instead I used it for a ‘frame’. Here it is screwed to the wall. My husband wasn’t happy when one screw got all bound up in the batting. There’s a mess you can’t see under the ribbon on one side! OOPS.


and .. TA DA .. all loaded up with my treasures. Gifts from friends, swap pieces, stuff I made. It’s so full I need to make another one already!


6 Responses to Foam Core Bulletin Board

  1. Shashi says:

    Looking good. I need to have something like this but unfortunately I have no wall space in my house.

  2. Kai says:

    NIIIIIICE!!!! What a smart idea! You are going to have a VERY fun-ctional art space! And uh …
    could I borrow Loren? I’m not so handy & he cuts stuff up WAY better than I do. (I HEARD that, Loren Wellnitz! I am NOT crazy! BWAHAHAHAHA!) LOVE YOU, JUDE!

  3. BumbleVee says:

    good for you two…. it looks perfect. Maybe next one you can drill a pilot hole before you sink the screws if there is some fluff in the way ..move it out of the way a bit and perhaps then it won’t bind with it quite so much? maybe….

  4. Nicely done! You must feel such a sense of accomplishment!

  5. Judi, it is soo-o-o cool! Love it!!

  6. sue says:

    Wow, very cool Judi! I was wondering what type of material to use to make a large bulletin board for the painting wall of my studio! Thank you!

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