Don’t let it get you down

It's always something! I developed trigger thumb in my right hand recently and had to have surgery to fix it. Doesn't it just figure that I would get new art supplies in the mail when I can't use them. Grrrr. I decided to try to draw anyhow. No use of my thumb but since this was drawn really loosely I thought I could do it! And I did! Really happy with this. It's a bonus lesson from lifebook 2015. I'm behind in class now but hopefully I'll catch up soon. So here's my 'Affirmation Feather' (and my lovely bandage).


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2 Responses to Don’t let it get you down

  1. Oh I like this a lot Judi it is beautiful and to achieve this even with your hand in plaster is super

  2. How, pray tell, does one develop trigger thumb? I hope you’re up to snuff soon. Lovely work, BTW.

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