Does green go with purple?

I bought this new color theory book that is absolutely awesome! One of the quilters in my color and design class brought this book in one day to show me and it just blew me away. I just had to have it! I have another crafter’s color book but there’s no comparison to this one. This book is called Color Works: The Crafter’s Guide to Color by Deb Menz. Besides explaining color theory in great detail, each section has about a dozen examples done in different crafts. For instance, if she was talking about complimentary colors she would pick two and show the same colors in quilting, beading, hand weaving, handmade papers, knitting, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, .. it’s amazing. She uses the same little design each time so you can really see how a design changes with each color change.
You know how sometimes the ‘search inside this book’ on Amazon is pretty worthless? This one isn’t .. click on the picture below and you can see what I mean about the little designs. When you click through, right under the picture of the book is the ‘look inside this book’ – click that. Think it’s the third page in.

Color Works

I really liked the section on values .. I want to pull out my fabric stash and use her little tool to see what the grey values are. What little tool you ask? She has a bunch of pull-out tools in the back of the book. One of them is something you squint through and it helps figure out the gray value. There are also pull out tools for color wheels although I think one of the color wheels you can buy at the store would work much easier.
I hate to say it but this book covers things I wasn’t taught in my Color and Design class at the University. I really need to spend more time with it – it’s a great tool. Everyone needs this book in their library – especially if they aren’t color comfortable like me!
Oh yeah – and it’s spiral bound so it lays flat! You can work with this book and use both your hands to play with your fibers, beads, whatever, at the same time! Whoo hoo!

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