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Seriously slacking

October 11, 2016

I took a look at my blog today and could not believe that I have not posted a thing since May. So I guess I should make one big post with lots of photos to let everybody know I'm still around, still creating, and as usual into a little bit of everything. So first up is knitting, made some socks, my first ever shawl (which ended up ridiculously tiny), and I'm currently working on some gloves and the second purple sock

The Haruni shawl

More socks, at least there are two of them!

Then there were crafts for my friends's 60th bday

And just one painting


And pickling, which is always fun



All together now -WonderCon 2014

April 25, 2014

The con was everything I thought it would be and more. It was a blast walking around and seeing everyone's costumes. The Artist Alley had so many talented artists it was amazing. I even got to visit with my friend Dee Schiller for a few minutes, so that was neat. I wouldn't have even known the con existed if it wasn't for her.

I got my steampunk seamstress costume finished the night before I left – I seem to work well under pressure. Had a few people stop me at the con to take my photo so that was pretty cool. And here I am, the proprietor of Lady Judith's Sewing Emporium.



Crown of Thorns

January 24, 2014

Sounds rather religious, the name of this gourd. As usual when I get excited about something, I buy a lot of them. Sherry Goshon gave me a doll made with one of these gourds and I thought it made the most amazing skirt. So I bought a dozen, used two, then they sat in a box in my closet for years. I have decided it is time to let things go, I am going to de-hoard ( as opposed to de-clutter, all my crap is well organized). Obviously these are going, and they are going to Sherry. I'm sure she will put them to good use, or else they will sit in her closet for years. Guess that's better than mine!


Under Construction (or is it reconstruction?)

August 14, 2013

At any rate, I’m sure you noticed my blog looks different. I have, after 9 years, moved off of my brother’s server and am now using WordPress on Hostgator. I thank my brother ( for taking care of my blog all this time. But it’s a new era and now I have complete control of my blog. I was never able to update any of the sidebars myself so this is pretty neat. What you will notice in the near future is that things may not work (like comments) or pictures will look strange as I teach myself how to use WordPress and learn about how to change themes using CSS. So please bear with me!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me and my friend Kat posing for photos after playing bocce ball in the Alaska Senior Games. I’m the short one with dark hair in the middle (with the Gold Medal – no, not the flour). It was a lot of fun!


Uni-ball Signo Pens

July 4, 2013

Signo pensI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but it kept slipping my mind. I recently bought some Japanese Uni-ball Signo pens for doll making. They come in different widths and a huge variety of colors. I bought two black pens, a white pen, and a bordeaux black. They are the BEST pens I’ve used in ages. The white flows thick and smooth, it fills in eye whites and makes wonderful highlights. I love, love, love this white pen. It hides black ink so well, even from a Sharpie. Reminds me of white-out but a million times better. The bordeaux black is perfect for lips. It’s a nice reddish brown rather than black. I bought the black pens in two different widths, a .38 mm and a .28 mm. They make lovely eyeliner and eyelashes! None of the pens have clogged on cloth or over paint, knock on wood! The ink is waterproof and fade-resistant. I varnished over the ink and, well, nothing happened, which is what it was supposed to do. I’m just always afraid the first time I do that with a new brand of ink pen. I bought my pens online from Jet-Pen, shipping was reasonable and fast. I imagine there are other places to get these too. I think I’m done with Pigma pens now. Even though these aren’t as thin as the Pigmas I think they will work for what I do with pens. I love that they don’t clog on fibers. Yay. Go get some. Seriously.

Guess what this means!

January 21, 2013

Practice head

My studio is complete enough to work in, whoo hoo!

Floor prep day in the studio

November 30, 2012

Skinning the floor I feel like Vee … the installers discovered the studio floor had lots of cracks and unfinished areas once the carpet was torn out. It’s a heated concrete slab. They had to scrape it down and then apply a coat of this plaster stuff so it’s nice and level and ready for vinyl.

We’re re-doing the floor in two rooms this year. Upstairs, once the carpet was out, we found that our bedroom needed a whole new underlayment (i.e. floor) … so today is just prep day I guess. Bummer that we needed a whole new floor cuz that’s a whole new unexpected cost! Gonna take selling a whole lot of patterns to pay for that, lol. Exciting, though!

Studio Renovation

November 3, 2012

What a mess! When we moved into this house 15 or so years ago we put up a wall separating the downstairs into a studio area for me and a living room for my girls. They’ve been gone for quite a few years now and my husband knocked the wall down yesterday! I’m pretty excited about redoing this space but it’s going to be a lot of work. Took me 3 days last week just to pack up and move everything out of here. I took the ‘before’ photo after I had already moved two big bookcases. I still have a few things to move as you can see and then once this mess is picked up it’s on to painting! Half the room is bright yellow and half is white. So today is cleaning up and then it’s on to primer, which hopefully will be tomorrow!

studio before

studio during

Vintage sewing pattern

February 1, 2011

I went thrifting yesterday and found this great little pattern from the 1960s. It is not my size and I don’t think it would adjust easily as it’s only a one size pattern so I put it up at my Etsy shop for someone else. If you like sewing vintage dresses and can wear vintage size 18 (sewing size, not vanity [i.e. department store] size) .. then you might like this!

simplicity 4520

Ongoing organizing

January 17, 2011

I bought myself this thread holder during the Black Friday sales at JoAnn Fabric’s and told my husband it was his Xmas present to me! Each slot holds 3 spools of one color. I still have more colors than is in here so I didn’t quite get rid of all my threads, so I’m not sure I can call this organizing/de-cluttering or not, lol. Funny thing is that it didn’t come with any way to hang it on the wall. I must have spent half an hour chatting with the hardware guy at Home Depot coming up with ideas on how to hang it with without putting holes in the cabinet. The idea was to use the handle somehow; I ended up with holes, but that’s okay. I used the ring style picture hangers and a couple of hooks. I like it.

thread holder

P.S. See the head in the lower left of the photo? The face is by elinor peace bailey .. she drew it when she was up here to teach a class a zillion years ago.