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Plush fun – Tooth Fairy Pillow

October 12, 2015

My grandson, Z, asked me to make him a tooth fairy pillow the week or so ago and I completely forgot about it. Bad grandma. He called yesterday to remind me about it since he has three loose teeth. His room is decorated in minion fashion so I made him a tooth fairy pillow to match. In the past I had the two pocket in the front, in the mouth, but really have not been in love with it. Decided to just make a pocket on the back and be done with it. He is going to love it!

Minion tooth pillow

Tooooo cute!


So much fun to make!


Tooth fairy pillow

March 16, 2014

Crazy busy weekend. I worked on my skirt for my steampunk outfit, I carved some stamps, I worked on my documented life project, and I made this goofy little tooth fairy pillow for my grandson. Very satisying weekend.


Wedding fish are DONE DONE DONE

October 19, 2011

I am happy to say that the wedding fish are doing their thing down in Florida! Or maybe they swam over to the Dominican Republic for the wedding, who knows! I do know that I’m glad they are done .. they came out well but working with silk lined with an interfacing was a nightmare. I didn’t think I’d get the long thin fins turned at all. I had to resort to pulling them through with a pair of super skinny hemostats since the turning tubes didn’t work at all. Just glad they are behind me now and I hope they are a hit with the ring bearers!

wedding fish

Wedding fish

June 12, 2011

I accepted a commission to make 3 stuffed fish for a beach wedding in the Bahamas. My client plans on having her ring bearers holding cane rods with these little fish attached to them. She sent me some lovely silk but I’ve made my samples out of some of my hand dyed cotton.

Here’s the pattern:

Here’s the hanging view with the rings in its mouth:

Here it is laying flat:

What in the world? A Sweet Tooth Fairy Pillow !!!!

December 2, 2010

So my daughter’s best friend posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter holding her first lost tooth – in a plastic baggie! I decided that she needed a tooth fairy pillow. I don’t do normal … even though I try …

Sweet tooth with her tutu

and not only does she have fangs but she is a ballerina to boot! Note the pointe shoes and the tutu!

I vant to drink your blood sugar!!!

Now I do have to say that the pink pocket that is showing doesn’t really show through the plushie in person – the flash did that number on her. The lost tooth goes in the mouth of the plushie, to be replaced, hopefully, with coins from the tooth fairy.

A friend of mine gave me a bag of jewelry and in that bag was a necklace that had the word ‘Sweet” in rhinestones .. so I cut it up and sewed the word to the tutu. The tutu was kind of time consuming – it consists of a piece of elastic with tons of little 5″x2″ pieces of tulle tied on (like fringe on a shawl). You just keep pushing them to the center until you can’t see elastic when stretched out.

sweet tooth

Fun, fun, fun .. but odd, odd, odd, lol.

More baby stuff!

August 30, 2010

I’m having entirely too much fun dyeing these little baby onesies. I actually ordered a bunch more dyes so I can do more with pastels. I only have four basic Procion Fiber Reactive dyes and I’ve been mixing my own colors. Decided I don’t like the tie dye design that you make using rubber bands, I much prefer the spiral. The three to the right are tie dyed and the other two are twisted and then vat dyed. There’s quite a few babies due in my circle of friends so I can amuse myself for a while!

custom dyed onesies

I’m also making a couple of plushies – this is from my infected plushie line 🙂 Unfortunately I couldn’t find a nice fuzzy felt in anything other than beige. I tried to dye some but it didn’t take as it’s a synthetic. Didn’t think it would. Oh well. I don’t want to buy any acid dye to try to see if that would work. So Measlie here is pretty pale.

Measlie - an infected Plushie

More baby pics

June 9, 2009

This is my 8 week old nephew with his plushie … really gives you a perspective on the size of the plushie, lol.

Logan & Pugie

Plush, plush

August 18, 2008

I have nearly sold out of the plush down at The Stash so I bought a bunch more fleece and I’m making more. I’m SO glad they are being loved! These are the latest two .. this is LizzieBeth – Lizzie wants to be a stripper but Beth wants to be an electrical engineer – they aren’t really happy with each other right now.


Then we have EllieMae – she told me her story but the radio was on and she was whispering. I asked her to repeat it but she refused. So, who knows?

Ellie Mae
When I took these down to the store there were two little girls there with their Mom – and the younger one (7? maybe 8?) immediately picked up Ellie and hugged her. Can’t ask for a better compliment!!!!

and and and … I got a start on four severed hands today ! It feels good to be making something again!

Tastes like chicken !

February 26, 2008

MMmmm good !

Tastes like chicken !

Poxley twins – infectious plushies

January 20, 2008

Poxley twinsThey’re baaaack …. they have been waiting for their faces and spots since November! Since my muse is on vacation along with half the other Muses around I figured I’d try to finish them up. I didn’t realize until I was done with the spots that I was doing the blanket stitch backwards. Oops. But I like the way it looks – gives a bit of extra color. Yeah, any excuse, eh, Jude? These two will be going up for sale at my Etsy shop along with the rest of my plushies sometime this week. The usual $30 plus shipping. If you want one just email me and I won’t put it up at Etsy. They are cute, aren’t they!