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Folk Art Doll Pattern

August 24, 2013

New Pattern!

It’s been a long time since I’ve released a new pattern. I was so inspired by what I learned at AFIC that I thought you’d like to learn too! This is my version of a painted folk art doll. As usual my patterns are pretty much written for beginners. There are lots of photos and illustrations to help you make your own folk doll. I have step-by-step photos of how to paint both faces. They don’t take long to make and they would make great gifts!

PDF pattern is only $3.50 US via PayPal. I will email you the pattern once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal.

Magnetic Chart Holder Pattern

December 13, 2010

Pattern for sale!

Finally! I had three wonderful testers make this pattern for me so I know it is easy enough for novice seamstresses – there are only straight seams to contend with.
Not only is this a very useful thing to have for any kind of needle art but it’s a great way to showcase a special piece of fabric. The chart holder is freestanding in two positions, has a pocket on one side to hold your pattern, and the other side is magnetic to hold your line by line instructions or a chart. The sheet metal is easy to find in any hardware store and you only need tin snips to cut it (which if you don’t have, a neighbor probably does!). It weighs about 8 or 9 oz – which is a bit more than half of what the commercial chart holders do – so it’s great for slinging in a purse or carry-on. The chart holder is about 9 1/2″ x 6″ closed. Make one for yourself or your favorite knitter today!
Two ways to buy: Email or by snail mail (paper pattern!).
PDF pattern is only $8.00 US via PayPal. I will email you the pattern once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal.

The paper pattern is $10. I will send it through the US mail once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal. US sales only – highly recommend the international folks buy the ePattern.

Severed Hand Pincushion Pattern

August 29, 2007

Severed hand (again!)
I decided rather than make bunches of these to sell I would make one and photograph the steps so I could offer it as a pattern. Is that lazy? There are 19 step by step photos in this pattern – kind of like an online class. You’ll make the hand, dye it with Jacquard dye-na-flow fabric paint, make the glove, and do the fingernails. If you make it with felt it can be a pincushion; make it with cotton and it can be a creepy Halloween decoration. Did I say it is life size? Fun, fun, fun!!!
This is a PDF file, an e-pattern. Price: US $6.00 $3.00.

I email to you :

via PayPal

Stone Cold Troll Pattern

July 31, 2007

Finally! Here is Mossy McCavern with the one that got away! He’s short, stubby, and very cute (in a manly sort of way!).

New pattern

Learn a new faux stone painting technique – go from plain muslin to granite! I have instructions for all the accessories – the altered bra, the club, and the wristbands. I have two ways of making his loincloth – the mossy one uses Paverpol – but if you don’t want to buy it – then I have instructions for a leather/fake fur one. I have two pages of color photos that you can decide if you want to print or not. What else? Oh, he is 12″ tall, and he is in a fixed position with a brass rod up his … leg! What did you think I was going to say????
I will email the pattern to you.
Price: US $8.00.

I email to you :

Stump Sisters Pattern – Cloth Doll Pattern

May 30, 2007

Stump Sister

Two dolls for the price of one! Okay – not these dolls but the pattern to make them! I have instructions for both dolls including their accessories. There are 3 pages of color photos that teach how to draw and color Ingrid’s face. Including the cover and pattern pages there are 12 pages in this pattern. In depth instructions on how to sew, turn, and wire fingers. I’ve had this pattern tested by beginner, intermediate and advanced doll makers and they all loved it, I’m betting you will too!
PDF pattern is only $8.00 US via PayPal. I will email you the pattern once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal.

Thought I’d share a nice letter I got recently (Jan 2011)
Hi Judi,
Thank you for the pattern. I looked it over and it is one of the best explained and laid out patterns I have ever purchased. Also, thank you for allowing me to make a few to sell. I make my own dolls and patterns but sometimes, as in your case, I find a pattern that is just “too cute”.
Thanks again,
Jo Ann

Cloth doll headdress class available now

May 9, 2007

You know how I’m not so great with doll hair? So I make headdresses instead? I love hats, turbans, and other head coverings. Most of them are cloth but I do have a couple of head pieces made with flower petals. I thought I would offer my readers the opportunity to purchase the head dress class that ran over at Doll Street a few months ago. I must have written it well because the online class was so quiet it might as well never have been formed. No one had any questions – they downloaded the file and said they loved the class. I teach 6 different headdresses, with variations for a couple of them, here’s photos of them …

TurbanHead wrap
Flower headdressPetal headdress
Circular cap Circular cap
Snood Knotted headdress

I think there are about 26 pages of photos and instructions. If you’d like a copy I can email the PDF file to you for $10 U.S.

via PayPal

Ruby of the Sea; 10″ mermaid

April 12, 2007

Ruby pattern available now
I’m excited to announce the release of my very first pattern. Ruby of the Sea is my mermaid business card holder. She is very easy to make and is 10″ long from head to tail. I know that a beginner doll maker can make this mermaid because I had two beginners make it for me and they were very successful. Let me tell you what you can expect from this cloth doll pattern – face sculpting instructions, face coloring instructions, how to use fancy fibers (yarn) for hair, and how to make the illusion of costuming. Oh – she also has a flat face option too.
PDF pattern is only $6.00 US via PayPal. I will email you the pattern once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal.

Cherie just received the pattern and here’s what she has to say:
What a great pattern! You did a wonderful job. It’s clear, easy to understand and very professional – and it looks good too!. You should be very proud!
I’m looking forward to making Ruby!
Thanks so much,
Cherie 🙂

How to make scissor fobs

April 19, 2005

One of the things I did today was make some scissor fobs – finally. I had bought the charms for these back in February – planning on making them as gifts. But as usual, they got forgotten – out of sight, out of mind!. They sell these things in the shops for $10 and up but you can make them yourself for about $1.50 and a little time.

They’re really easy to make. I have these everywhere – on my scissors, on all my hemostats. They’re fun to make – it will take you more time deciding what beads to use than it will making them. Plus they make great gifts! Hey – just remembered something .. I saw these in the clothing store being sold as “jewelry” – the kids clip them to their belt loops – and they were EXPENSIVE! So – lots of reasons to make them, eh?

Scissor fob

Update: Feb 2006. I taught an on-line class on how to make these. The class isn’t up anymore but if you would like to purchase the instructions I used it is only $2.00. I will email you the instructions once I get confirmation of payment from PayPal. This is an Adobe PDF file.