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2014 Heart Swap

March 3, 2014

I'm hosting another heart swap over on Doll Street, I've done this twice before and it's been a lot of fun. I think the best part of hosting a swap is that you get to see everyone's art up close and personal. I had been intrigued by a zipper heart that I saw online a couple of years ago and I never could figure out how it was made. Being sewing centric was my downfall, when I finally purchased the tutorial for these I realized my own prejudices were holding me back. I can't tell you how they are made but I can share my picture with you. This is actually a little bit rough as it was my first go at this technique, the second one I made is much better but I haven't photographed it.


Zippered Hearts

January 15, 2012

Zipper Heart pin / broochI’m in two different Valentine pin swaps. Since I have all these zippers I guess I should use them! I tried to figure out how to sew the zipper on before I turned it but this is too small and the zipper didn’t want to turn an inside curve. So I had to make the heart first, stuff it, and THEN hand sew the zipper to the edge. Came out pretty good though. A lot of handwork. I always put all my knots in the center where I make the slit for turning. It ends up pretty messy and puts a lot of strain on the fabric. You can kind of see that here.
Back showing all thread work

So what I do is make a felt patch to cover it. This does two things, hides the mess and reinforces the center. I put glue on the inside of the patch, which also helps strengthen the threads, and then I whip stitch around the edge.

Getting felt patch ready

I always put my pin back with the opening/fastener at the bottom. That way if it opens while you are wearing it, it won’t just fall off right away.

Pin back sewn on


January 1, 2012

to do better at posting this year! Can’t believe my last post was in October! Yikes.
Zzzzipers!!!Here’s the latest thing I’ve been doing … Zipper crafts! I had been seeing people making all kinds of things with zippers so I placed a bid on eBay for a lot of 42 vintage metal zippers. Obviously won it! So far I’ve made two brooches and I have ideas for all types of different things using the zippers. I think tooth fairy plush could use a zipper or two … don’t you?

This is the first one
Zipper brooch #1

This is the second one

Zipper brooch #2

Back to the postcards

February 13, 2011

Where has the time gone? I have 21 postcards to get in the mail by the end of the month and I just started them. I have 8 done so far. I played with some of the techniques I learned this past summer (the koi) but they take way too long. I ended up going back to what I love – geometric shapes and vintage pics. It looks simple but little things like stitch choice and thread color make a big difference in the finished piece. So for now everything goes on hold until these are done!

DS Swap

YoYo Brooch

November 29, 2010

That word sure looks funny .. brooch. But it’s correct because even though broach is an alternate spelling it’s not so readily accepted. Totally beside the point though. Did you hit the craft stores on Black Friday? I had to go and get some picture frames and it’s the best time to do that since they are on sale plus you get that 20% off your entire purchase coupon. But I also bought a couple of the YoYo Makers by Clover. I had been wanting these for a while. I know, I know, making yoyo’s is pretty easy but this makes it even easier!
Check it out – you know how sometimes you see something at a store or craft show and say to yourself ‘Oh, I can make that’? (You have to say it to yourself or you’ll make the vendor cringe) Usually you never do make whatever it was you saw. I did that recently but, hey, I actually made it! I had to add some fur for that old Alaskan touch … not that I’m an old Alaskan, but, whatever 🙂


November 15, 2010

I’ve been busy .. but not posting, bad, bad, bad! So I’ll make a couple of posts over the next couple of days of what I’ve been doing. We had a postcard swap over at Doll Street which called for us to have a face on the postcard. I drew one and then printed it on fabric. I did a crazy quilt style background and free motioned the hair on the little gal. Here’s what I sent out.

DS postcard swap 2010

I got some fab cards in return too!

More baby stuff!

August 30, 2010

I’m having entirely too much fun dyeing these little baby onesies. I actually ordered a bunch more dyes so I can do more with pastels. I only have four basic Procion Fiber Reactive dyes and I’ve been mixing my own colors. Decided I don’t like the tie dye design that you make using rubber bands, I much prefer the spiral. The three to the right are tie dyed and the other two are twisted and then vat dyed. There’s quite a few babies due in my circle of friends so I can amuse myself for a while!

custom dyed onesies

I’m also making a couple of plushies – this is from my infected plushie line 🙂 Unfortunately I couldn’t find a nice fuzzy felt in anything other than beige. I tried to dye some but it didn’t take as it’s a synthetic. Didn’t think it would. Oh well. I don’t want to buy any acid dye to try to see if that would work. So Measlie here is pretty pale.

Measlie - an infected Plushie

Knitting Chart Holder

August 15, 2010

OMG, I am SO excited! I’m leaving for California tonight and I want to take my knitting but my chart holder weighs nearly a pound and it really makes my bag heavy. I decided to make my own version and this came out at half the weight – whoot! Plus mine is a million times prettier than the plain old black commercial one. I am going to make some revisions to it when I get home and then I’m going to release it as a pattern! Yay!

Closed – obviously, lol – this is some of the material I made at the Summer Arts Festival


Open 🙂 – the chart side is magnetic – the other side has a pocket to hold your pattern

Standing up – the strap reverses to keep the holder standing open


Soft Rocks

August 5, 2010

Here’s another of the things I made at class .. a soft rock. We made hard rocks and soft rocks. I am making another hard rock right now using a bit different process from what we did in class. Hopefully it will work out. If my teacher gives me permission I might teach this over at Doll Street to go along with a mermaid class that Judy Skeel will be teaching later this year. Although the rock will be altered from what you see here …


More altered fabric

August 2, 2010

More pieces I made last week .. I have a LOT of these but I won’t bore you to death with them. Here’s another one made with the mesh without the masking tape grid … kinda looks like city lights, eh? Plain blue cotton to start.

city lights

Then this one is pretty cool – we had a heavy piece of lace and I sprayed painted dye through it (it was plum dye) – then when it was dry I used Dye-na-flow and painted the piece. Basically it’s the negative of the lace motif. Ruined it by outlining the flower with foiling. But still fun to do.

sprayed lace painted

This piece I really love – it’s another background made with the hardware mesh, but then the roses were screened over it with black transparent paint. I just wish these pieces were big enough to DO something with, lol.