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Scrappy monsters

August 22, 2017

Been a while again, as usual.  I’m still around though.  I recently decided that I need to use up my fabric scraps since my tub was overfull.  I actually washed them all, folded them, and sorted them by color.  So much fun to ‘pet’ all the fabric.  I made a bunch of baby bibs for my new granddaughter (nearly two dozen!) and then ran out of terrycloth so had to come up with some other ideas.  This is what I came up with .. a couple of little scrappy monsters.  Not sure what I will do with them .. either sell them, trade them, or …..




Rainforest Elf

December 24, 2016

Just finished this little one from a pattern by Lynne Butcher. Not my favorite pattern but my friend picked it for us to make. Modified the head to look a bit more feminine which helped a bit. I just love how her outfit came out. The skirt is four layers, fabric, flower petals, a piece of cotton lace I painted to match, and a fabulous piece of trim with ribbons and flowers. I played mad hatter and made a hat with everything but the kitchen sink on it. It was a lot of fun to make. Best part was everything was from my stash! Going to keep this one!



Life Book 2015 and Doll Club

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year! My gift to myself for 2015 is a year long art journaling class called LIFE BOOK 2015. There is a different teacher each week so it should be quite the learning experience. I was really excited to see that the first lesson was a whimsical creature. The lesson was titled The Beacon of Light and this is my little girl.

I think she would make a great little doll.
Last month one of the girls who was in my old doll club got in touch with me because she wants to try to revive our doll club. We got together for coffee and decided to have a winter only club that meets the second Saturday of the month at a coffee shop. We are going to use Facebook to organize and share information. Wish us luck!


Traveling dolls

June 17, 2014

As I mentioned earlier I am involved with another ‘Flat Stanley’ round robin over at Doll Street. This latest doll kind of languished during the month I had her. I had meant to take her around to get her photos taken for inclusion in her journal but I guess I just got lazy. I even took her fishing last weekend but forgot she was tucked away in the closet and never got her out for photos. What was I to do? Photoshop her into photos I already had! I have pretty limited Photoshop skills but I think this came out pretty well!

The Color Run – Fairbanks, Alaska



Flo Tilla – a round robin type of gal

March 14, 2014

I had another flat doll come through to work on.  This time it was an armless mermaid.  I’m sure someone along the line will give her arms or else she’s going to have a very hard time swimming and climbing on rocks to lure seamen to their doom (oh, wait, that’s a siren).  Anyhow – my contribution this time was a hand dyed shawl.  You could call it a  piece of cheesecloth painted with Dye-na-flow, but that doesn’t sound half as chic.   We went over to the Santa Claus house for some photo ops and this is what we came away with.  The reindeer are taking a well deserved break!

Flat doll round robin

Ready to fly – doll wings

January 12, 2014


I am about done with another traveling doll. This particular doll was a bit of a challenge, she did not have a traditional shape and her arms and legs were dangling cords. What to do, hmmm. Came up with the idea of wings so I took two metal panels from an old steamer insert and wired and glued them together. Then I colored them with alcohol inks, edged them with a gold Krylon pan, and covered the wires with a flower. Since the doll does not really have any clothes yet I am going to use a 'harness' made of ribbon so it can be removable. Funny thing though, I had the wings in the opposite direction and only ended up with them this way by accident. I like them much better as insect wings rather than butterfly wings.

Olwyn’s Stump Sister

November 2, 2013

Thought I’d share a photo of Olwyn’s version of my Stump Sister pattern. This is a Flamenco Dancer that she made for her friend Liz’s 60th birthday! What a great present – I think this doll is just so, so pretty! Great job, Olywn!

Olywn's Stump Sister

Prickly Polly

October 1, 2013

I’m pretty much done with this little Madame Alexander doll now. Just have to do something about her dress. She was a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot about layering paint.

Prickly Polly 

Here she is being all artsy 🙂 Tres cool, eh?

Prickly Polly

A little green and prickly

September 25, 2013

Moving along … she got a few more prickly thorns added and the first couple of coats of paint. She’s still cute.

Prickly Polly

More altered dolls

September 16, 2013

I am working on another doll from the DDD class with Michael deMeng, this one is called Prickly Polly. This is a Madame Alexander doll that I found at a garage sale for $1. She’s pretty big, 18″ or so. It will make it easy to find patterns to use as a base for her clothing. I think there’s something wrong with her legs as she doesn’t stand properly. The doll has a seam down the middle of the fabric body so I might open her up and see what’s what. I had an awful lot of fun melting her hair with a heat gun, it virtually disappears. I’m having fun with this, I really do enjoy destroying things.

In progress