It’s a wrap!

Sorry about the heading, I just couldn’t resist saying that. I have been seeing a lot of ads for wrap bracelets on my various feeds ever since I clicked on an ad for a wrapped bracelet watch. I don’t think the advertisers had this in mind though, I decided to make my own rather than buy one. I found a great tutorial to follow from a site called Lima Beads (great name, by the way) and away I went. I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive about working with 20 foot of beading thread and I wasn’t disappointed. I had a few tangles along the way but luckily was able to get them out each time. I really learned that you get what you pay for with this project though. I had bought my beads in JoAnns and even though it said they were 6mm glass beads, the quality just wasn’t there. The shapes were off, the lengths and widths of each bead varied, they were just cheap. If I make another I’ll use the good beads from the beading shop.

Beaded wrap bracelet


2 Responses to It’s a wrap!

  1. nita says:

    Love the bracelet! You did a greatjob. I do not think I could work with that much thread you are a genius.

  2. tamdoll says:

    This does look great! I see these bracelets everywhere & never thought to try and make one so thanks for the link.

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