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Crown of Thorns

January 24, 2014

Sounds rather religious, the name of this gourd. As usual when I get excited about something, I buy a lot of them. Sherry Goshon gave me a doll made with one of these gourds and I thought it made the most amazing skirt. So I bought a dozen, used two, then they sat in a box in my closet for years. I have decided it is time to let things go, I am going to de-hoard ( as opposed to de-clutter, all my crap is well organized). Obviously these are going, and they are going to Sherry. I'm sure she will put them to good use, or else they will sit in her closet for years. Guess that's better than mine!


Ready to fly – doll wings

January 12, 2014


I am about done with another traveling doll. This particular doll was a bit of a challenge, she did not have a traditional shape and her arms and legs were dangling cords. What to do, hmmm. Came up with the idea of wings so I took two metal panels from an old steamer insert and wired and glued them together. Then I colored them with alcohol inks, edged them with a gold Krylon pan, and covered the wires with a flower. Since the doll does not really have any clothes yet I am going to use a 'harness' made of ribbon so it can be removable. Funny thing though, I had the wings in the opposite direction and only ended up with them this way by accident. I like them much better as insect wings rather than butterfly wings.

A bag of my own

January 3, 2014

I was bad. I actually made this bag for someone else but liked it so much I ended up keeping it. This is one of my favorite bag patterns, it’s an old freebie from Lazy Girls Designs. It reminds me of a Blue Moon bag, which are popular knitting bags. This is the perfect size for socks, cowls, or other small projects. It is made with stash fabrics, the brown is some type of woven that feels like suede and I added an overlay of embroidered sheer on two of the panels. Used a bright orange lining and the only thing I’m not happy with are the straps, they feel a bit thick. But I imagine they will soften up a bit with use. Maybe. Merry Xmas to me.


Link to bag: The pattern isn’t offered anymore at Lazy Girl Designs but I found it here (click- this is a link).