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Painted Folk Art Dolls

July 7, 2013

As an accompaniment to my pattern, here are a couple of photos to help see the details. Click on each photo to get up close and personal with the girls!

Painted Folk Art Dolls

Minnie, Maggie & Matilda

Pattern available now!

Uni-ball Signo Pens

July 4, 2013

Signo pensI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but it kept slipping my mind. I recently bought some Japanese Uni-ball Signo pens for doll making. They come in different widths and a huge variety of colors. I bought two black pens, a white pen, and a bordeaux black. They are the BEST pens I’ve used in ages. The white flows thick and smooth, it fills in eye whites and makes wonderful highlights. I love, love, love this white pen. It hides black ink so well, even from a Sharpie. Reminds me of white-out but a million times better. The bordeaux black is perfect for lips. It’s a nice reddish brown rather than black. I bought the black pens in two different widths, a .38 mm and a .28 mm. They make lovely eyeliner and eyelashes! None of the pens have clogged on cloth or over paint, knock on wood! The ink is waterproof and fade-resistant. I varnished over the ink and, well, nothing happened, which is what it was supposed to do. I’m just always afraid the first time I do that with a new brand of ink pen. I bought my pens online from Jet-Pen, shipping was reasonable and fast. I imagine there are other places to get these too. I think I’m done with Pigma pens now. Even though these aren’t as thin as the Pigmas I think they will work for what I do with pens. I love that they don’t clog on fibers. Yay. Go get some. Seriously.