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Floor prep day in the studio

November 30, 2012

Skinning the floor I feel like Vee … the installers discovered the studio floor had lots of cracks and unfinished areas once the carpet was torn out. It’s a heated concrete slab. They had to scrape it down and then apply a coat of this plaster stuff so it’s nice and level and ready for vinyl.

We’re re-doing the floor in two rooms this year. Upstairs, once the carpet was out, we found that our bedroom needed a whole new underlayment (i.e. floor) … so today is just prep day I guess. Bummer that we needed a whole new floor cuz that’s a whole new unexpected cost! Gonna take selling a whole lot of patterns to pay for that, lol. Exciting, though!

It helps if you do it right

November 27, 2012

Owl hatSo the reason the hat didn’t fit my grandson was because I wasn’t making the double crochet stitch properly. I was putting the hook in the wrong spot and shortening the stitch. Once I realized that, things clicked. The hat is the proper shape and size now. I am making a bunch of these for the kids in the family. Not all will be owls – this was supposed to be one but now is kind of an angry bird. Hard to see the eyebrows though. Notice the little white highlight on the pupil? I had to do that, lol. It’s the life light, right?

In other developments, the floor for the studio should be installed on Friday. I am super excited to put the room back together although all the decorating will take a while. I still have to paint the trim for the windows and doors – well – we have to buy it first, which always helps. So no pictures for a bit. I am working on three rooms in the house, the bathroom is practically done, just needs a towel bar. I painted my bedroom walls this weekend and it gets new flooring on Friday too. We do still need to paint the ceiling though. Lots going on, just not so crafty right now.

Hooking again

November 19, 2012

or crocheting, to put it properly. I saw some super cute owl hats at a holiday marketplace recently and my 3 yo grandson gravitated right to them and decided to try one on. I figured I could make him one. I hadn’t crocheted in years but figured it would come back to me pretty easily. I found a free pattern by Sarah Zimmerman on Ravelry, bought about six skeins of yarn and went at it! All I can say is “Thank you, YouTube”, lol. I had to remind myself how to do everything! The hat (which isn’t quite done) didn’t fit my grandson but it does just about fit my childhood doll! I am going to make another one with more rows so hopefully that one will fit the little guy!

Owl hat She looks pretty good for being over 50 years old!

Studio Renovation

November 3, 2012

What a mess! When we moved into this house 15 or so years ago we put up a wall separating the downstairs into a studio area for me and a living room for my girls. They’ve been gone for quite a few years now and my husband knocked the wall down yesterday! I’m pretty excited about redoing this space but it’s going to be a lot of work. Took me 3 days last week just to pack up and move everything out of here. I took the ‘before’ photo after I had already moved two big bookcases. I still have a few things to move as you can see and then once this mess is picked up it’s on to painting! Half the room is bright yellow and half is white. So today is cleaning up and then it’s on to primer, which hopefully will be tomorrow!

studio before

studio during