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A new head

October 22, 2012

Well, not mine obviously, unless I become a Frankenstein. It is the season though and I do need to come up with a costume for a party this coming weekend. Hmmmmm. But this head is from a new pattern from Colleen Babcock. She is releasing the pattern as a mystery doll, she releases a new part of the pattern every week. But since she is using a Yahoo group as the distribution vehicle it has morphed into more of an online class, which has been fun. This is as far as I’ve gotten – a head. I forgot the ears so I have to go back and add them. It definitely shows Colleen’s style.
Mystery doll pattern head

The hair doesn’t go with the doll – just some fun yarn I wefted and keep on hand as a photo shoot prop. I just hate bald dolls!!

Another dragon

October 8, 2012

I’ve been working on this dragon on and off for the last two years. We had (have?) a sew-a-long group over at Doll Street but it kind of petered out. Anyhow, this is from a Smallworks pattern. It’s okay. I made a couple of major mistakes that can’t be fixed because I have no fabric left. It’s just my aesthetic .. the fabric for the wings should be reversed, the paisley should be on top of the wings not the bottom. I mean the dragon is fine, just not what I wanted. This is still an in progress picture and he’s had a haircut since I took it.

Smallworks dragon

Isn’t it funny how something could be really fabulous but we, as artists, aren’t happy with it!

Window Cushion -Part 2

October 4, 2012

So I finally managed to get a picture of both the cushion and the bag I made. I had a heck of a time with it. The cushion works well but there were construction woes. It turned out that I didn’t make the piping wide enough so wasn’t able to sew the final seams at the proper width. That meant the cover wasn’t as tight as it should have been. It’s rather wrinkly. But no one but me ever notices it.

Window Cushion and bag

The bag I just love. It came out perfectly. But I don’t care for the shape of the very bottom so will be tweaking the pattern for the next one. This is now my everyday knitting bag. This is the gorgeous fabric Shashi bought for me in India.

Knitting bag

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