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Still kicking

June 15, 2012

maya bag.JPGHaven’t written a post in forever! I’ve been so busy lately but that’s really no excuse. I have been making a few things here and there. The latest is a lovely silky bag based on a Lantern Moon bag (photo to the left of the bag I am trying to copy). I used a free Lazy Girl Design pattern (photo below) and it needs to be tweaked to make it more like the Lantern Moon bag. I just have to narrow the bottom a bit and add the outside pocket. I used some lovely fabric that Shashi bought me in India a few years ago and it just won’t photograph well because there is so much shine to it. One of these days I’ll get a new photo tent so I can take better photos. I tend to cheat and use my iPhone now. But back to the bag, I really do love it. It’s nice to have a pretty bag rather than the cotton drawstring bags I’ve been making. The pattern isn’t offered anymore at Lazy Girl Designs but I found it here (click- this is a link). It makes up to about 12″ so it’s a nice size for a knitting bag (if you’re a sock knitter!) or even an evening bag.

Knitting bag