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More Zipper Hearts

January 29, 2012

I made a few more zipper heart pins for the swap. One of my guy friends asked me about buying one for his wife so I made enough for both swaps and one for him. Then I decided to keep one for myself so had to make another, and ended up with six. One good thing about it being FREEZING COLD out – no guilt trips about not going outside and doing ‘stuff’. Just stay in where it’s safe and warm! In case you are wondering what I consider cold, well, it’s negative 51 today, that’s 51 degrees below zero (Farenheit). -51. Brrrrrr.
Heart pins

This is the one I’m keeping for myself:
Stuffed heart #5

Zippered Hearts

January 15, 2012

Zipper Heart pin / broochI’m in two different Valentine pin swaps. Since I have all these zippers I guess I should use them! I tried to figure out how to sew the zipper on before I turned it but this is too small and the zipper didn’t want to turn an inside curve. So I had to make the heart first, stuff it, and THEN hand sew the zipper to the edge. Came out pretty good though. A lot of handwork. I always put all my knots in the center where I make the slit for turning. It ends up pretty messy and puts a lot of strain on the fabric. You can kind of see that here.
Back showing all thread work

So what I do is make a felt patch to cover it. This does two things, hides the mess and reinforces the center. I put glue on the inside of the patch, which also helps strengthen the threads, and then I whip stitch around the edge.

Getting felt patch ready

I always put my pin back with the opening/fastener at the bottom. That way if it opens while you are wearing it, it won’t just fall off right away.

Pin back sewn on


January 1, 2012

to do better at posting this year! Can’t believe my last post was in October! Yikes.
Zzzzipers!!!Here’s the latest thing I’ve been doing … Zipper crafts! I had been seeing people making all kinds of things with zippers so I placed a bid on eBay for a lot of 42 vintage metal zippers. Obviously won it! So far I’ve made two brooches and I have ideas for all types of different things using the zippers. I think tooth fairy plush could use a zipper or two … don’t you?

This is the first one
Zipper brooch #1

This is the second one

Zipper brooch #2