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Creatively slow

October 19, 2011

stump_sisterI have been making things sporadically but not posting them here. I’ve kind of migrated over to Facebook; which is very bad because this is a much better forum for keeping a historical log of my work. I need to get better at using the blog for sharing rather than Facebook. I actually worked on a doll a couple of weekends ago. It’s one that I started last January. I’m just trimming her out. She’s pretty close to done, just need to do some beading and either a hat or some other kind of treatment for her head. This is from my Stump Sisters pattern. So there we go .. a post .. from me … about damn time too! 🙂

Wedding fish are DONE DONE DONE

October 19, 2011

I am happy to say that the wedding fish are doing their thing down in Florida! Or maybe they swam over to the Dominican Republic for the wedding, who knows! I do know that I’m glad they are done .. they came out well but working with silk lined with an interfacing was a nightmare. I didn’t think I’d get the long thin fins turned at all. I had to resort to pulling them through with a pair of super skinny hemostats since the turning tubes didn’t work at all. Just glad they are behind me now and I hope they are a hit with the ring bearers!

wedding fish