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Dragons and applique pins

May 16, 2011

My dragon is coming along although I made a very bad mistake. I didn’t use the pattern layout and I made one wing template to sew around instead of tracing two wings like the pattern called for. I didn’t think about fabric layout so when I made my wings I ended up with two that were the same, which doesn’t work when you have a left and right wing. I had the main fabric on the right side of one and the underside fabric on the right side of the other. Ugh. Luckily I had JUST enough fabric to make one more. Here’s it is so far – rather flat!


Thought I’d share a tip. I use quilter’s applique pins for dolls a lot of the time. They are really small so work great for dolls. Here’s a comparison pic of them with regular pins. Even though I pinned the heck out of this, I hand basted the neck pieces before I sewed them – much easier than dealing with a ton of pins when you are machining and worth the extra time it took. There’s no reason to hurry though your sewing.


Switching gears again

May 10, 2011

The stump doll is giving me fits. I just don’t like her for some reason so it’s time to put her aside for a bit. We’re having a Dragon Sew-a-long over on Doll Street so maybe I’ll just work on that for a while. I’ve made one of these before but it sold at a show – after I put what I thought was a ridiculous price on it so it wouldn’t sell! I really loved that dragon so it’s time to make another. This one is going to be bright and beautiful – maybe too bright – the body will be this multicolored paisley, with the belly being the orange and the underside of the wings being yellow. The ridges down his back will be the gold knit. Hope he doesn’t get a complex from the paisley!

fabrics for the next dragon