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The apron is too big so I’m selling it

January 25, 2011

I’m crushed! I made this absolutely GORGEOUS apron for myself and the top is too wide. I used the measurements on the pattern too but I should have gone down a bust size as the hip and waist were fine. I’m not happy because this came out great! It’s one of my nice quilt shop batiks. All the edges are finished really well, no raw edges at all, and I added yo-yos with vintage buttons for decoration. There’s even a little purple yo-yo on the pocket. It can be yours for $30 including shipping. Size will fit: Bust 38-40 Waist 30-32 Hip 40-42. I hope it can find a new home because I can’t look at it without crying!

apron for sale $30



apron2 - it's too big!

Ramona’s Stump Sister

January 20, 2011

I had to share this with you … these are photos of Ramona’s doll made from my Stump Sisters pattern. Isn’t she just fabulous? She named her Morgan because she reminded her of Morgan Fairchild. What a face – just gorgeous!



Ongoing organizing

January 17, 2011

I bought myself this thread holder during the Black Friday sales at JoAnn Fabric’s and told my husband it was his Xmas present to me! Each slot holds 3 spools of one color. I still have more colors than is in here so I didn’t quite get rid of all my threads, so I’m not sure I can call this organizing/de-cluttering or not, lol. Funny thing is that it didn’t come with any way to hang it on the wall. I must have spent half an hour chatting with the hardware guy at Home Depot coming up with ideas on how to hang it with without putting holes in the cabinet. The idea was to use the handle somehow; I ended up with holes, but that’s okay. I used the ring style picture hangers and a couple of hooks. I like it.

thread holder

P.S. See the head in the lower left of the photo? The face is by elinor peace bailey .. she drew it when she was up here to teach a class a zillion years ago.

Just another drawstring bag .. or 12

January 14, 2011

I have a friend who owns a yarn shop downtown and I’m afraid that I go there to hang out and knit but not to buy yarn. Bad me. I really do want to support her so I figured I’d do what I do best … craft! She wanted some Alaskan themed project bags to sell and the gal who usually makes them for her had her sewing machine out of adjustment. So I bought some northwest themed fabric and made her a dozen bags. Took me 7 hours over a period of a few days. They are square bottomed and lined. Nice little bags!


I also bought some little moose charms to make some stitch markers for her to sell. I have been buying a lot of supplies from eBay lately – from distributors in Hong Kong. I am pleased to say that the packages get here really fast and I haven’t had a problem yet. Great prices too. I bought the clear toggles on there for about .40 cents each. Can’t even find them here.
I got a new idea for a doll … but I have so many ideas buzzing about my brain and so many things I want to do .. I end up doing nothing! I need to figure out how to be more organized! I have found that since I retired I have a very odd schedule. I get up, grab coffee, sit at the computer and do social networking stuff. Then I eat and get on the OTHER computer and do Doll Street stuff. Then I might get time to sew for a while. Then dinner and back on the computer to screw around. I need an intervention! This computer addiction needs to go!