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Not really a distressed frame – just kinda sorta

December 22, 2010

FramesThis was the last thing I had to do to get done with presents … one of my girls is in the habit of giving me framed pictures of her family each Christmas, so this year I figured I’d turn the tables on her. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I read a bit online about distressing frames but they all go for the french country look and I didn’t want that. The big round frame is for myself – it was solid black too and the design didn’t show up at all (click on the pic for a closer look). I used the same technique on this as I did on the little frame. I think the sepia pictures will look much nicer in these new old frames!
So here’s what I did .. I took the plain black frame out to the belt sander and scratched it all up. Kind of fun but scary at the same time – I mean, I paid good money for this thing! (Well, it would have been good money but thanks to the Black Friday coupons at JoAnns it was actually pretty cheap.) Anyhow – I hit all the edges and just tried to make it look kind of beat up. I didn’t follow the rules for wear and tear, I just did this pretty randomly.


Then I hit it with some paint. I used some brown and some buff, painted it on and then wiped it off.


Then I remembered that I had some gold rub-n-buff creme. Never really used that before and it’s pretty cool. I kind of wiped it all over the whole thing. Tada … easy peasy!


Eyeglass cords

December 20, 2010

eyeglass cords

I keep a pair of reading glasses in my purse and for ages I’ve been running around with an eyeglass cord that was made with cheap brown plastic beads – really kind of an embarrassment for an artist. Actually an embarrassment for anyone! I had bought some eyeglass holder clasps a while ago but hadn’t made the time to make a replacement cord. I finally made time last week and over the course of a couple of days squeezed in enough time to pump out two eyeglass leashes. I made two different kinds – one with a chain and one completely beaded. I found that even though I used flexible beading wire for both that one was way more flexible than the other. As usual it was a learning experience as I don’t do much jewelry making. It was a good way to use some of the lampworked beads I had sitting in the collection. I like these and now I won’t be so embarrassed by my glasses!

Magnetic Chart Holder Pattern

December 13, 2010

Pattern for sale!

Finally! I had three wonderful testers make this pattern for me so I know it is easy enough for novice seamstresses – there are only straight seams to contend with.
Not only is this a very useful thing to have for any kind of needle art but it’s a great way to showcase a special piece of fabric. The chart holder is freestanding in two positions, has a pocket on one side to hold your pattern, and the other side is magnetic to hold your line by line instructions or a chart. The sheet metal is easy to find in any hardware store and you only need tin snips to cut it (which if you don’t have, a neighbor probably does!). It weighs about 8 or 9 oz – which is a bit more than half of what the commercial chart holders do – so it’s great for slinging in a purse or carry-on. The chart holder is about 9 1/2″ x 6″ closed. Make one for yourself or your favorite knitter today!
Two ways to buy: Email or by snail mail (paper pattern!).
PDF pattern is only $8.00 US via PayPal. I will email you the pattern once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal.

The paper pattern is $10. I will send it through the US mail once I receive the notification of payment from PayPal. US sales only – highly recommend the international folks buy the ePattern.

What to do with sock yarn ends?

December 10, 2010

Baby GiftsWondering what yarn ends are? It’s the yarn left after you’ve done knitting. I guess other types of knitting will have leftovers too but I tend to knit more socks than anything else so I have a lot of sock yarn ends. One of the gals in my knitting group hosted a baby shower for a gal who is new to town and I figured I’d just knit her something. Ended up being two somethings! Both of these patterns were free on Ravelry (you need to join this site if you knit or crochet). The nice thing about the sock yarn is that it’s thin enough for baby things. This isn’t as soft as some of the baby yarns out there but it should be fine.
One of the things I learned with this pattern was how to cast on in the middle of a row with a second yarn. I had SUCH a hard time with it … until I thought to turn to YouTube … only to find out that I was holding the yarn wrong .. such a simple thing! I♥ YouTube!

Stump Sisters – revisited

December 7, 2010

Stump sisterI don’t think I mentioned that I taught a doll class here at the house last month. I had three students, two of whom are brand new doll makers and we worked on a Stump Sister. I made one along with the girls so I could demonstrate on mine. This girl is made with a piece of my hand painted and stamped fabric – the stuff I made this summer at the art festival. It looks much better cut up into pieces, lol. I haven’t much left to do on her – just the embellishing and the hair. She’s been sitting for a couple of weeks though, just waiting for the perfect embellishments to fall out of the sky or something. I really like the trims, my e-friend Shashi got the long piece of sequined trim on one of her trips to India. It’s funny how you hold on to stuff for years and finally the perfect match is made! This is why it’s so hard for crafters to clean the studio … you just NEVER know when you will need something!

What in the world? A Sweet Tooth Fairy Pillow !!!!

December 2, 2010

So my daughter’s best friend posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter holding her first lost tooth – in a plastic baggie! I decided that she needed a tooth fairy pillow. I don’t do normal … even though I try …

Sweet tooth with her tutu

and not only does she have fangs but she is a ballerina to boot! Note the pointe shoes and the tutu!

I vant to drink your blood sugar!!!

Now I do have to say that the pink pocket that is showing doesn’t really show through the plushie in person – the flash did that number on her. The lost tooth goes in the mouth of the plushie, to be replaced, hopefully, with coins from the tooth fairy.

A friend of mine gave me a bag of jewelry and in that bag was a necklace that had the word ‘Sweet” in rhinestones .. so I cut it up and sewed the word to the tutu. The tutu was kind of time consuming – it consists of a piece of elastic with tons of little 5″x2″ pieces of tulle tied on (like fringe on a shawl). You just keep pushing them to the center until you can’t see elastic when stretched out.

sweet tooth

Fun, fun, fun .. but odd, odd, odd, lol.