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Summer Arts Festival – week 1

July 30, 2010

It’s been a crazy two weeks – been doing so much new/old stuff it made my head spin! The first week we did a whole lot of surface design. We made stamps and learned lots of different ways to change fabric. I found that I really liked using the thermofax screens – they were a lot of fun. Here’s a couple of samples of what I made from some plain cotton fabric…

I had a roll of some type of mesh and it was only a couple of inches wide, so I taped it down in this grid pattern. Painted the grid and then laid the fabric face down and brayered over it. I did eventually get rid of the big lines of masking tape – didn’t like them. But this was fun.

hardware mesh

This piece started out with a background made on the hardware mesh, then I added more paint by sponging through some sequin waste, when that was dry I thermofax screened the dragonflies. I eventually foiled them too but didn’t get a photo of that.


Last sample is a simple piece. I folded the fabric accordian style and ironed it, then painted the edges. When dry I stamped it. The stamps are all hand made – the big one is craft foam and the little one is a carved eraser.


This was basically a technique class – these bits are 8.5″ x 11″ to fit into a binder. I have lots of these 🙂

On making time to create

July 17, 2010

Bookmarks 7-2010

I got a lovely letter from Romona the other day asking where my blog had gone. I made some excuse about not having time or the inclination to create and she told me to set aside at least one hour a day for my art. So I will try that! I spend entirely too much time playing computer games and just web surfing – I need to cut that out! So yesterday I sat down and finished off the bookmarks I had started for my nieces and nephew. I was surprised that they photographed as well as they did since they are encased in heavy plastic. I use the self laminating pouches from Scotch and the reason I sew around them (besides the fact that I just plain like the way it looks) is that they barely fit two to a pouch and when I cut them out the glue doesn’t hold. These bookmarks are way sturdier than the ones you can buy in the stores, I use some myself! I figured my nephew wouldn’t want a little girl so I collaged one for him. We’ll see how well I manage to stick to the hour for art a day!

On vacation

July 14, 2010

Not me .. my muse .. and she’s been on an extended vacation! Hopefully that will change soon .. next week is the summer arts festival and I am taking a class in surface design – all day class for 5 days! I think I’m going to need a rolling suitcase to take all the supplies with me though! Will take photos and try to post them each night – but we’ll see how that goes as I’ll have to do Doll Street work at night too.