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Folk Art

May 19, 2010

Sketch 1
I’m taking an online class with Suzi Blu at the recommendation of my friend Nat. The class is called Petite Dolls and is a beginner class – perfect for me! I’ve been practicing drawing these girls a lot – the ONLY way to get better! These are the first two full size sketches that I did that I like. I’ve been working in a tiny little sketchbook and when I get something I like in the little sketchbook I go ahead and transfer it to the big one. It never turns out exactly the same but I get the general feel of the piece right. I need to find my file of faces that I have somewhere or the other – or just go buy a new fashion magazine. I’m pulling blanks on hair styles without some kind of reference. But anyhow – here they are – I like the sad girl best but her legs look ‘off’ to me. We are our own worst critic!!

Sketch 2

They scanned light but if you click on them you can see them better.