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Reborning! IN PROGRESS

April 29, 2010

reborn in progress

This little guy has been in progress for a while too! I think my friend Karen and I started on these sometime last year. A long time ago I bought a DVD from the Secrist company on how to reborn a doll and we’ve been using that as our guide. It’s been a HUGE help because the book we have isn’t nearly as good. We are up to making the cloth body now (okay, we do have to stick the eyes back in and buy wigs). I’m going to have to cut the chest down so I have the neck flange to use to attach the body to. It’s been a lot of fun doing these. The difference between the original color and the new color is amazing. I think we have two or three coats of color on the body, can’t remember though. We are using Genesis paints and they are pretty easy to use. Ever smell one of these vinyl dolls? For some reason both Karen and I love the smell of these things, lol – they are kind of sweet . Hopefully we’ll get these done before snow flies this winter!

Art Apron – dyed!

April 27, 2010


Did a bit more work on the art apron. I actually painted this with Dye-na-flow and was surprised that it really didn’t take all that much product. I did the pockets first and they are much deeper in color than the apron – one pocket was done dry and one wet. Using Dye-na-flow on dry fabric always results in richer color. The pockets are detached so I can embellish them. When I worked on the apron itself, I wet the whole thing down in sections with a paintbrush! Then I painted the color on. The center part is colored crayon that I ironed – I actually did that before I decided to dye the apron – and of course the wax resisted the dye. I might go back in and add some red here and there. Not sure. But I have to decide before I start the embellishments. Still a lot of work to go on this – the sides are unfinished and I think I’m going to try to put a black/white checked ribbon on it – kind of carry on the checks on the top. We’ll see!

Twisted Rib socks! Done!!

April 21, 2010

… and they only took me ONE YEAR !!! I think I’m beginning to understand what second sock syndrome is all about. This was a great pattern – and the chart was easy enough even for a beginner like me. The yarn was hand dyed by me and I love the way it knit up. I wonder how warm these will be though – look at all those ‘holes’ !!

Twisted Rib socks

The pattern on one sock kinds of rolls to the side and I don’t understand why. Oh well.

Twisted Rib socks 2

Pattern: Rib Fantastic Socks by Barb Brown
Yarn: South West Trading Company TOFUtsies


April 16, 2010

I swapped out all the hearts yesterday for the swap over at Doll Street and completely forgot the one I had hanging on the wall !!! Grrrr. So I only swapped out my polymer steampunk hearts. Gah. Oh well – can’t do anything about it now.
Here are the two I got in exchange .. the chained one is from Marjorie in New Zealand and the other is from Sue McF here in the states.


I also got some great thank you gifts … the orange one is from Linda M in Tasmania, the crazy quilted one is from Angela J in Texas, and the felted one is from Rose P. in Oregon (I think).


I love my Dreamers! Thanks all !!!

Summer Arts Festival

April 13, 2010

I signed up today for a class at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. It’s been a few years since I took one – nothing caught my eye! But they have a great one this year .. Exploring Surface Design. Here’s the description …

Join us in exploring a variety of surface design techniques for fabric and paper, and unlock the possibilities of altering their surfaces. We will explore visual textures to add before hand or machine stitching, including designing and creating stamps, stencils, screen printing, photo transfer, foiling and other creative ideas. You will create a notebook of the techniques learned. This class will be team-taught by Lucy and Martha.

The class is one whole week, Monday through Friday, 10:00 am until 3:30 pm – now that’s an art fix!
I think this class might be just the excuse I need to finish my art apron that I started last year at my friend’s Art in the Yard day! Too bad it’s not until the end of July!