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Another heart for the swap!

February 22, 2010


I really hate when the camera just won’t get the colors right – the top of this heart is yellow fading into red – it was SCREAMING to be made into a heart! So I had to listen, ya know! I tried to do some kind of feather stitch from my Encyclopedia of Needlework but I totally suck at embroidery. It’s uneven and all different sizes, but, eh, I still like it, lol. I did manage to do okay with the French Knots however – I only had to redo the whole thing once due to a unseemly knot! I’ve made this style heart before but this time I decided to try hammering the metal flat. I have this totally cute and totally functional tiny little anvil and I pounded the heck out of the wire – totally fun. This is for the heart swap over at Doll Street too!

She fell down!

February 21, 2010


I had originally made the hanger for the Bag Holder doll out of jewelry wire. I thought it would have been strong enough but after a month or two of being twisted this way and that way it failed. I made a new one today out of stainless steel – and was that ever fun to bend! NOT! I really do like this design of hanger though and think I will use it on all my dolls/art projects. She’s back up on the wall now and I don’t think this will fail any time soon!

Heart Pincushions

February 8, 2010

heart pincushion Long time, no see, eh? I’ve been fiddling around in the studio occasionally just haven’t had anything to show for it. I saw similar little pincushions on a posting over at the Craft blog so I thought I’d try my hand at a few. Of course it called for scraps and what had I done last year? Got rid of all my little scraps. So I had to cut strips from my bigger pieces so I could piece the hearts together. You make these by making two 4 1/2 inch squares of material – then iron on some Wonder Under to one square – draw a heart on the paper side and then cut it out. Take your crazy quilted piece of fabric – i think mine was about 4″ square – and put it under the cut out part. Peel off the paper and iron the square (with the cutout) to the crazy quilted piece. Then sew around the heart and sew together into a pillow – leave an opening to turn. Stuff. Easy. I saved the cut out hearts to make another little pincushion – but you can’t really get a pin in it because the hearts are too stiff (ah whoops). Looks cute though 🙂 I think I’m going to throw these into random envelopes for a heart swap we’re doing over at Doll Street. They were just fun to make.