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Art & The Economy

September 20, 2009

stash_domsWe’ve had two galleries close in recent months here in town. One was in business for 30 years and the other for 15 months. The newest one was an art consignment shop, the 3 gals that ran it didn’t take a paycheck … ever. They had 150 artists represented and it was a great variety of hand crafted art. You’d think it would do well .. but those discretionary dollars are being hoarded! Their last sale day was the 14th so last week I picked up the few things I had in the shop and now I’ll have to put them on Etsy.

Here’s what I had down there .. some magnets .. which always sold a few a month …and one lone plushie – these guys moved fairly well when I had lots on hand but didn’t move at all if I only had one or two on display … interesting, eh? I had bought a ton of fabric to make more but didn’t get around to it … this is Sue Ellen .. she can be yours for $30 including shipping …
Sue Ellen is retro patterned cotton and fleece, she has a gold lame ruffle at the bottom of her skirt, and fleece bows in her hair and at her ankles. Her ‘pigtails’ are tiny cotton tubes. Her face is machine and hand embroidered. She’s a cutie!

Kinda a shame to see these galleries go … I’ve read over on Facebook that a lot of artists are facing slim times right now. I guess we all need to support each other!