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UFO Challenge

August 30, 2009

jar_dipI decided that I need a push to finish some of the many projects that are in various states of completeness in my studio. To that end I suggested to my Dreamers that we have a challenge wherein we finish one project a month. They will send me photos to post in the members only section of Doll Street – we’ll do the befores and then see where we go with the ‘after’s. This is what I’m hoping will be my first project to work on – remember this? The button jar? We’ll see what happens! Especially because, thanks to Kai, I have the CUTEST little Goth Bat Doll pattern sitting on my desk!!!

Tiny World Pincushion

August 17, 2009

Tiny World PincushionI’ve admired Mimi’s pincushion teacups since I first saw them and was really happy when she came out with directions on how to make your own. I’ve had the tutorial for a while and after much searching found a couple of great teacups at the thrift store on the Army base. This weekend I gave it a whirl. Although Mimi calls for wool felt I used mainly fleece – just because I only have one color of wool felt on hand at the moment! Luckily I had wool for the house – I don’t think it would have worked as well in fleece. Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it, put in in the Stash (which now takes 40% commission so I’d have to price it skyhigh!) or put it on Etsy. At any rate – it was lots of fun to make and really quick!