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The Xmas socks are done!

January 26, 2009

tara_socksI know it’s a month after Christmas but, hey, what can I say. Like I said in my last post, I did manage to get one sock done and in her stocking … now she has both of them! This was some self striping yarn my daughter picked out when we went shopping in Anchorage last month. They are plain vanilla socks – a ribbed cuff and then stockinette stitch. I’m still not used to how BIG hand knit socks look since there’s no lycra or spandex in them! Kinda boring to knit but I wanted to try to get them done fast. This sock took me about a week – not bad for a beginner! Heyyyy – see how I matched the stripes too! Whoot! Now the question is what to cast on next – I think I’m hooked on socks!

Queen of Cups

January 17, 2009

queen of cupsI FINALLY got this pair of socks finished! I’ve been working on them on and off for months. I probably shouldn’t have picked a lace pattern for my second pair of socks but I do like a challenge! I’m pretty tickled with them – they are comfy – maybe a tad bit too big – but I’ll figure that stuff out as I make more socks. Next up is the mate to the plain jane sock I knit my daughter for Xmas. She was rather surprised when her stocking only held one sock, lol.
Pattern: Queen of Cups,, Spring 2007