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OMG – is this creepy or what?

December 16, 2008

omg - eyes in the back of her headha ha ha – she has eyes in the back of her head! I made a new face on the flip side of the one i did yesterday.

Here’s the new face … I think this one might be closer to what I want – i just need to make her look a bit less surprised and add a couple more layers of shading. Getting there tho’!

face #3

Off with her head!

December 15, 2008

off with her headI can be really hard on myself some days. I decided that her features were too big and I’d make a new face/head. I don’t like the new one either, lol. I think I need to lower the features a bit. Or something. One thing that’s good is that only the hands show so my worry about matching skin fabrics isn’t coming into play. I can make a ton of these heads until I get one I’m happy with. As you can see she is mostly dressed now too – just needs some embellishing. Bad thing is that the doll doesn’t stand anymore – i think the weight of the clothes has tipped her too far forward. So that means I have to figure out how to saw some of the heel off the shoe. This ought to be interesting!

head #2