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High heels

November 29, 2008

celyn5I don’t know what I did to Celyn but she needed 1/2 inch heels in order to stand on her own. I knew that I’d never be able to sculpt them so I came up with another one of my strange ideas. I cut an old plastic thread spool to size, then ground it to the right angle, well, actually my husband did. celyn6 He’s really good about dropping things and helping me out. Since I took this picture, I’ve covered them in black paper and glued them to her feet – tried to fill the cracks in with paper clay but i don’t know how that will work. I’ll let her dry overnight and then see what’s what. I might end up having to use Aves Epoxie Sculpt to smooth out the join; then I’ll add another layer of paper and paint the shoes again. We’ll see. But I’m stoked that she stands by herself – there’s no armature in here! Another great Sherry pattern!

First face in 11 months …

November 23, 2008

First face in 11 months!I think this is the first face I’ve done this year. Or close to it. Seems to be shaping up – I can see some dimension in there. But – boy – I forgot how much I suck at eyelashes, lol. I could totally tear this apart – as in critiquing it – but I won’t. I’ll be kind to myself for once.

The fluff factor

November 11, 2008

I’m still working on Sherry’s Celyn, slowly but surely. I had to restuff the hands because I wasn’t happy with them. Patti Culea taught me to use pipe cleaners from the tobacco shop instead of chenille stems because their wires are much stronger. But sometimes they just don’t have that fluff factor I need and I hate trying to add tiny bits of stuffing to little fingers if I don’t have to. Here’s what I’m talking about … the hand on your left has pipe cleaners and the hand on the right has 15mm chenille stems – the fluffiest I can find locally.

Fluff Factor
and here’s the bits ….
Fluff factor 2

and here she is stuffed but before her spa treatment …

her body shape is very similar to my Stone Cold Troll and the hubs wanted to know if that’s what I was making, lol. Ai yi yi.

Small Rant !

November 4, 2008

I’m watching McCain’s concession speech on television and the polling places aren’t even closed here in Alaska. If it wasn’t for local issues/races, why even bother to vote. Bah.

It’s a d .. d… d.. doll .. sshhhh

November 2, 2008

celyn dipI absolutely adore Sherry Goshon’s cloth dolls and I just HAD to buy her latest pattern, Celyn … today I got her sewn and turned … the big question is whether I will sit and stuff her tonight or sit and knit. I have a feeling knitting will win because I’m up to the heel on this sock and I want to get it turned! This is a big girl and she’s going to take a while to stuff! I think Celyn might be the first doll I’ve made this year! EEKS.
P.S. You need to go to Doll Street and see the latest ‘hard’ doll that Sherry has made (and is teaching) .. it’s absolutely gorgeous and unlike any other doll you’ll have seen before!