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Hanging in there

August 23, 2008

In more ways than one! Had a fun day today – my friend Karen has an art play day every month and I was able to make it today. We played with fabric paint and Shiva paint sticks. Fun. I don’t own any rubbing plates (amazing, eh?) – and she didn’t have the paint sticks – so it worked out great, lol. While I was there I colored my severed hands with Dye-na-flow – and when I got home I strung them up in the garage to dry. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. They do look kind of creepy hanging there!


Plush, plush

August 18, 2008

I have nearly sold out of the plush down at The Stash so I bought a bunch more fleece and I’m making more. I’m SO glad they are being loved! These are the latest two .. this is LizzieBeth – Lizzie wants to be a stripper but Beth wants to be an electrical engineer – they aren’t really happy with each other right now.


Then we have EllieMae – she told me her story but the radio was on and she was whispering. I asked her to repeat it but she refused. So, who knows?

Ellie Mae
When I took these down to the store there were two little girls there with their Mom – and the younger one (7? maybe 8?) immediately picked up Ellie and hugged her. Can’t ask for a better compliment!!!!

and and and … I got a start on four severed hands today ! It feels good to be making something again!