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Slowly, slowly

July 31, 2008

Did a bit more work on the collage – fixed the hair and did some ‘decorating’. I’m up to the face but I haven’t drawn one in 7 months. I traced the shape onto some tracing paper and tried to draw one. Ai yi yi. Not a good thing, LOL. I’m going to have to do some practicing before I lay down more paint on this.


What? A post from me? No way!

July 21, 2008

Yeah, I know .. been a long time since I’ve written. I’m in the biggest slump I’ve ever been in – have absolutely no desire to make anything for some reason. I think it’s tied in to Doll Street somehow but haven’t figured it all out. Anyhow – wanted to show you a mermaid that I bought in a gift shop recently – I love these little chubby chicks. I have another one by the same artist. I would like to take my Stone Cold Troll pattern and adapt it to make one of these. Want to place a bet whether it ever gets done, LOL?

“>Chubby mermaid