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Busy little bee

June 10, 2008

So this is what I did this weekend … jump from project to project! The yarn was dyed at a little workshop that one of my Ravelry friends held at her house .. it’s some Tofutsi sock yarn. I’m the only one who only dyed one skein of wool – but then that’s probably because I know the dangers of a fabric stash, LOL. I don’t need a yarn one too … yet.

hand dyed sock yarn
Fuchsia, aqua, and grape – yummy! hank o yarn

Then I made myself a couple of little square bottomed drawstring project bags to hold my knitting in. The light blue/purple bag is made from some fabric I overdyed last summer. I used a mix of two tutorials I found online for that one. The next one is a mix of 3 different tutorials and my own ideas. I like that style best. I’m probably going to have my Ravelry friends over for a bag making day next month sometime. One way to use up my miles and miles of fabric!


Finally I did a little work on the collage … I can not paint! I put the shadow on the wrong side of the neck and I screwed up the hair with the brush strokes. Luckily I can paint over it all and try again! I also need to do more work to fix the shoulder line – but that’s getting better. I think this is going to be one of those long drawn out projects, LOL – or maybe a UFO!


Starting young

June 6, 2008

Never too young to paint, eh? He didn’t enjoy this at all, LOL, but he sure loved the bath afterwards! He was making a background paper for his Mom to use in her scrapbook. I was an innocent bystander, I had nothing to do with this … well, other than be the official photographer, LOL. He is 8 months old today – time sure flies!


She thought she could keep the paint just on his hands, hehehe ..

finally a happy baby!

Dolls make the world go round

June 4, 2008

.. or something like that .. the Internet sure has let us cross borders without passports or visas or even being there physically … I got an email from Elena in Romania that she had found my free Blume pattern and had made this doll … isn’t she awesome? I love her costume!

Elena from Romania
I’m going to have to design another free pattern soon – seeing what people make is just too much fun and sooooo gratifying!