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Leg bolts

April 30, 2008

I sure hope this works! I took the legs from a porcelain doll and filled them with steel shot – then I took tin foil and squished it into a leg extension shape and covered it with apoxie sculpt. I’ll find out in the morning if it works. If it seems strong enough I will do the other leg. I also completely redid the colors of the clock box – you can’t really see it in the background – but I really enjoyed doing it and I’ll probably be adding more to it.

New project the photo sucks – too lazy to take it to the light box and the flash reflected off everything – ah well

Beaded book thongs

April 29, 2008

I received these absolutely luscious beaded book thongs in a bookmark swap over at Swap-bot. I’m afraid every time I say book thong a different picture runs through my head LOL. There’s some great charms on these! Click the image to really see them.


Experiment #2 – stencils & alcohol inks

April 27, 2008

These are my results from messing around with the stencils I had cut when I etched the jar. I think it looks better when the stencil is inked over rather than through. You could make some cool candle holders this way – with personal messages or something.

Inking through the stencil


Inking over the contact paper cutouts


A new ribbon-eating puppy?

April 25, 2008

Brought home a new dog last night – another miniature American Eskimo – she is 6 months old. I wonder if she will love ribbons and fabric as much as my other Eskie did when he was little. We will see … meet Candy Cane … who just had a welcome home bath, LOL.


Art apron in progress

April 20, 2008

I went to a friend’s house yesterday for an art day – we started working on art aprons using the instructions in Cloth Paper Scissors. This started out as bib overalls but the back of the overalls is now sewn to the front to create more pockets. I wanted to preserve the front top pocket so I put the back a bit lower than it should have been. Now the back pockets are down by my knees, LOL. I will have to do a bit more redesigning before I start painting it. I put the black and white border on it but that’s it. It was a fun day – I need more play dates!

art apron in progress

Another beautiful mermaid

April 16, 2008

I wanted to share a mermaid made by Kat Tyni from my mermaid pattern, Ruby of the Sea. Isn’t she just the most gorgeous thing? She changed the arms and sculpted her fingers. I should add the arm pattern from my Northern Mermaid pattern to the Ruby pattern, she has separate fingers. I get a real thrill seeing what people make from my patterns! Thanks, Kat!

Mermaid Made by Kat

Etching glass with die cuts

April 13, 2008

Plushie fever has passed and I have been wondering if I wasted my money when I bought the die cut machine to use to make eyes. NOPE! I found another use for it – to decorate jars. I have no idea where this idea came from because I haven’t etched glass in YEARS – probably 10 years. But I got out the contact paper and made 3 stencils using my new Flourish die (from Revolution). If you’ve never etched glass – it is soooo simple …

Step one – cut your stencil from contact paper, stick it to the glass, and burnish so there’s no air bubbles for the cream to sneak under.
Step two – cover it with the etching cream – which I don’t think is brown but this stuff is over 10 years old – see what happens when you never throw out craft supplies, ha ha. Leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse it off with water
Step 3 – admire.

Collage class

April 11, 2008

Had to show you this photo – it’s a collage that will be taught at Doll Street next month by Linda Misa of Australia. I just LOVE her work! I already bought my canvases so I can give this a whirl. It should be a lot of fun.

She uses one of my favorite tools too – sequin waste! Just smaller than what I use – I need to buy some!

Kiva loan

April 11, 2008

I made my first Kiva loan today! Kiva allows people like us to make small (think – $25) loans to people in developing nations so they can lift themselves out of poverty through business. I lent money to a woman in Peru who wants to buy embroidery thread and cloth. The money is actually managed through third parties and although there is risk you may eventually get your money back (so you can lend it to someone else!) I read about it through Lisa Vollrath’s blog – she is a lender too. Go make a loan today! It will make you feel good!

Knitty stuff

April 10, 2008

knitting needle rollBeing proficient with a sewing machine can come in handy – made myself a knitting needle roll yesterday. Had to redo the top binding because it didn’t leave enough room for the flap to cover the long needles – this is the before picture. It works much better now. Found a pattern on the net and then modified it. Then I decided to play with clay and I covered these knitting needles. knitty-knobsI put the needles in an oven bag before I put them in to cook – when I made the first set yesterday the fumes from the clay and the needles were horrible – and that was in a bag too – just not sealed shut. So today I sealed it with wire. Way better. No fumes. I was worried that the bamboo would warp but I guess the temperature is low enough because they were fine. You can’t see it but I stamped the size of each needle on it’s top – the green ones have a red center – looks like an olive gone bad, LOL. Too bad I can’t sculpt – I could imagine some very cool things to put on the knobs! Ah well. These were fun anyway.