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A little home dec

March 26, 2008

tableclothIt’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been doing a few things but nothing to write home about .. or here either. But I figured I’d at least show one thing .. the tablecloth I just finished. It’s amazing how even the most simple things take hours to make. I have 6 yards of the blue batik and I’m going to cover the chairs with it too. The orange borders match my curtains and the table runner – same material. I even mitered the corners – had to pull out a quilting book to learn how though. Easier than I thought. boring, boring The table runner was made for our previous table and it’s way too big for this one. I have to decide if I should cut it down or just make another one. I do have a little bit more of the orange/mustard colored batik. Speaking of batik – even though I washed these it still felt like the needle was punching through paper when I was sewing it. Should soften up after a few washes though. I am going to go buy some acrylic felt off the bolt to put under the tablecloth – don’t know why – it just make it feel nicer. Plus then I don’t have to worry if hot things get put on the table. Okay – I’m rambling now – time to go!

The Knitting Nazi

March 19, 2008

New startThat’s what we were told my knitting teacher is called by her co-workers. I got kicked out of knitting class on Monday night. To go get new yarn. I had 2 weeks of work on this one piece (first I had the patterns on both sides instead of one side so I had to start over – somehow I got the right and wrong sides switched in the middle of knitting) then this week my teacher decided I was having too hard a time with the pattern because I couldn’t see it. Variegated swatch - knitting classThe variegated yarn made it near impossible to see – so she said I had to get new yarn and start over. AAARGH. NOT AGAIN. You have no idea how many times I had already started over due to dumb mistakes. So I went out and bought a solid pastel green yarn and started again this morning. But you can actually see a difference in my knitting now that I’ve done this piece a million times over. Plus you can see the pattern. I might just learn to knit! HA!

Pin up girls and a logo

March 17, 2008

pinup girls atcs
I actually made something today – probably the first time in a week that I’ve been downstairs to the studio! This cold kicked my butt and although I am still totally congested, I’m feeling better. My hubby is home too – he was gone for a week – brought me back crafty presents! Too sweet! In case you’ve never noticed, I totally love the vintage nude and pin up girl art. So it was a no brainer for me to sign up for a pin up girl ATC swap over at swap-bot. We get our partners tomorrow so I figured I’d get mine done today. Some of you might remember when I bought a bunch of pin up girl postcards to send to Sherry’s son when he went to Army basic training – I figured that a soldier had to have pin up girls in his locker, LOL. I scanned them before I sent them out and those are the images I used for these cards. Probably violated a dozen copyright rules too, SHHHH.
I have designed the Doll Street logo in my head – you’ll never guess what style the doll maker in it will be drawn in? Not vintage nude! Now I just have to get it made! Li Hertzi is supposed to do it for me but she’s getting ready to move to Ohio and is too stressed right now. I haven’t decided if I really need it right now or to wait for Li. Anyone know a good illustrator?

Not motivated

March 12, 2008

I have a nasty cold and I just don’t feel like doing a thing except hibernating! I find that my concentration just isn’t there when I don’t feel good. But that said, I finally got the clock in my studio caught up to daylight savings time this morning (yeah, shows how much I’ve been in there lately) and got to thinking that it needs a makeover. It’s just boring wood. I think I could probably handle that in this state! Just have to decide on what color it needs to start out as!
I also realized I haven’t made a doll yet this year. Pretty strange.
I told you I’d post a photo of the necklace I’m workin on in Christi Friesen’s class on Doll Street … here it is .. BUT .. as I worked this piece further I found that the green clay I started with had lost it’s plasticizers and the leaves kept breaking/crumbling. So I am going to have to start over with fresh clay.

Polymer clay necklace

Mermaids and polymer

March 4, 2008

I put a couple of my mermaids up for sale in my Etsy shop. I have a whole school of them here and it’s time to move a couple out. If you buy one and email me that you saw it here I’ll refund your shipping! I also have a couple of my plushies on there. To see them, just click on the little box in the upper right that says Visit Judi’s Art Doll store.
I am now working on my polymer clay necklace from the Christi Friesen class over at Doll Street. I’m a polymer novice but it seems to be coming out okay – Christi’s instructions are easy to follow. I’ll post an in-progress pic when it starts to look like something, LOL.
Oh – I went to knitting class last night and did my gauge swatch. Everything I read about continental knitting said that it is usually looser than throwing so you have to go down a couple of needle sizes. When I bought my needles I bought the sizes it called for plus 2 sizes down. So what do I do? I knit too tight and need the next size UP! Which, of course, I don’t have. Sigh. If it’s not one thing it’s another with me!

Bags and Hot Flashes

March 2, 2008

Okay, hot flashes don’t really have anything to do with bags but I’m having one right now and I’m miserable. Working on this laptop isn’t helping either. I keep asking my husband why he turned up the heat in the house, LOL. Anyhow- I finished this bag today and it’s near impossible to get a good photo of it because it’s mainly metallic copper fabric. There are pockets galore – the front has 2, one huge one with a flap to hold your knitting needles or paint brushes- and a small one between the handles. The front of the flap has 3 pockets too. Then there is one long pocket on each side panel – and 5 pockets in total on the back. I learned a lot making this bag and it’s going to be my knitting bag. Oh, I didn’t tell you? I signed up for a knitting class last week. It’s on Monday nights for the next 5 weeks. I have quite the slog to get there – a 45 minute drive – but I think it will be worth it. This was one of my goals for this winter – to take a knitting class. I was running out of time so it’s now or never!!!

This is the back of the bag:


This is the front:


This is the front with the flap open – notice the pockets on the flat piece. I discovered that this really needs a piece of velcro on each side – stuff will fall out if you don’t keep the bag perfectly straight and upright.