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Dec 31st, 2007 … it’s been a good year

December 31, 2007

I Salute YouThis has been an amazing year for me … and I’m very thankful.. .
&bull I published my first patterns and people actually like them
&bull I got my husband to go on a cruise to Mexico
&bull I taught my first out-of-town class
&bull Both my daughters got married
&bull I had a doll on the cover of a magazine
&bull I am now a grandmother
&bull I got sidetracked into the world of crazy plush toys
&bull I bought Doll Street
&bull I made new friends online and had a blast taking online classes and making art …
I don’t see how next year can beat that but I’m going to try! Happy New Year, everyone …

Altered art – charm swap #3

December 30, 2007

First of all I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on how to fix my faerie godmother – although I have to publicly state that I am not going to put clunky orthopedic shoes on her. She would die of mortification. It seems that the original stuffing was part of the problem and my friend Denise (from Doll Street Dreamers) is going to send me some of the stuff that I should have used – stuffing that Pam uses on her dolls. Mine was probably too soft. So I will probably cut her at the back of the knee (thanks, Patti Ann) and then restuff her. Hard. As. A. Rock.
Now on to today’s photo … I hosted another charm swap – I think this is the third one now. These are the ones I get to keep – and aren’t they just fabulous! This is the second swap with my FabricDollArt group and it seems that most of us used polymer this time. I’ll be adding these to my Charmed One doll’s bracelet. I love swapping!

fda charm swap

If you take Sherry’s Charmed One class over at Doll Street next month (Jan 2008) you can swap charms too – we’re having a class swap! Yeah, yeah .. another ad for Doll Street .. hey, what do you expect … it’s my ‘baby’ now!

A broken ankle

December 29, 2007

Fairy Godmother Close upThose of you who have been with me for a while might remember that in 2003 I took a class in Color and Design at the University and made a fabulous cloth doll for the final assignment. She is an adaption of Pam Grose’s Basic Woman and is named The Last of the Faeries. I had posed her so she was a bit bent over with osteoporosis. Probably not my best idea as she’s always had a bit of a problem with leaning. She’s traveled a bit for art shows and this month she got knocked over while we were decorating the house. Well, she has a huge problem now …
cloth doll fairy godmother ankle1 Her ankles have folded. I imagine the stuffing has compressed from the weight or something. The bad news is this doll is gessoed and painted; she’s stiff as a board. I don’t think there is a way to take it apart and fix it without leaving big holes in the bottom of her foot or something. Plus I actually used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to stick the one foot to the base. Like I said – she ended up with some real balance problems after a while. I did manage to stick a rod up one leg and it helped for a while. It’s such a shame. This is my absolute best doll; my pride and joy. Look how far off balance she is – that’s a good inch of foam under the one foot. I’m very sad. She’s down in my studio now waiting for me to figure out what to do with her. Any ideas?


Look what was under my tree !

December 25, 2007

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I had the family over today and we had a good time. Had fun torturing taking photos of the grandbaby. He was actually quite a good sport about it, but at 2 1/2 months old he’s still not quite on top of things yet.

bag baby

bag baby

The Fantasy Chair – in some of it’s glory

December 20, 2007

I have been trying to get a decent photo of this chair for days – but it’s not gonna happen! The flash is washing out the photos. I need to take the photos outside in natural light but it’s freakin’ 40 degrees below zero and there’s no way I’m going outside! Besides which the chair would probably freeze and break. I know my hair would if it was wet – but that’s a story for another day. So without further ado … here’s the sucky pictures … click to enlarge

Technical details:

Paint: DecoArt Metallic Pearl Moss (green undertones) then a Sienna Brown Wash, then touched here and there with Copper Pearlescent, Copper Iridescent, and Venician Gold Metallic. Beads are a mix of Verdigris, Copper, Black, and Clear. Water is clear epoxy and green 3D Crystal Lacquer. There is also a layer of varnish mixed with Art Institute Glitter but you can’t see it in the photos. It’s subtle. I love this chair!

New Classes on Doll Street

December 18, 2007

FennelaHey – have to tell you that there’s some great classes upcoming at Doll Street. I’ve had a sneak peek at the class files and they are very cool! We have Sherry’s Charmed One – which I’ve already made one of – that’s her photo with this post – she’s so cool. A literal canvas for your art. I know that I’m preaching to the choir to some of you but Sherry’s classes are great fun! Then Fran is teaching her Treasure Chest of Memories – a doll mounted onto a box – totally neat – silk ribbon flowers, painting techniques, collage, all kinds of stuff. If you’re wanting to learn about doll faces then Judy Skeel’s class is for you – hundreds of photos. You can’t go wrong. Finally we have Michelle’s beaded pin dolls – she’ll show you how to use a few basic stitches to make some very fun pieces. Go take a look at the classes …

I’ve never been …. normal ….

December 16, 2007

I made this dough ornament 25 years ago … with my Little Sister when I was in the Big Brother/Sister program in Tucson, Arizona … it’s still one of my favorites .. and I think about my Little every year when I take it out of the box …. it’s very ”me’ … don’tcha think?

Mr Bill ornie

Danger ahead …

December 13, 2007

Bernie is living in Iowa and it seems he is in danger of being squished by a couple of giant SpongeBobs … I do worry about these guys and the homes they are going to …. but I was told he’s actually their buddy … maybe they are his bodyguards .. i don’t know …

Spongebob and Bernie

SpongeBobs made by my pal Sherry Goshon.

The Quest for Storage Bins

December 12, 2007

stampbox 1Ya know I’m always dissatisfied with my storage options. My stamps have been all lumped together in one of the plastic drawers from one of those 7-drawer towers. Then they usually ended up all over the floor when I was looking for one. I’ve seen lots of options on other people’s websites – some are really cool – they look like the displays at the craft shops. stampbox 2Unfortunately I don’t have the wall space for that. So at the last 50% off the plastic crap sale at the local craft shop I picked up this piece .. and, hey, it works! At last! I even sorted the stamps! The bottom layer has all my unmounted stamps, the middle has all my big collage stamps, and the top (which has the only dividers the thing came with) has all my little stamps broken up into categories. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sometimes I’m anal about things. I’m amazed at how many stamps I have – and I don’t even scrapbook!
On Monday we had our doll club meeting/party – lots of fun – we did a couple of make it/take its. I taught the girls how to make domino magnets and I think the craft store is going to see a run on alcohol inks now, LOL. We also made these cute little snowmen ornaments … why my camera hates to photograph red I don’t know …


The chair still hasn’t been touched …. but last night while I was laying in bed I did come up with my color scheme … who needs to sleep when you can daydream art!

I bought an iPhone … and I LOVE IT !

December 9, 2007

iphoneI haven’t had a cell phone for about two weeks and it was a weird feeling. I was waiting for AT&T to come … they finally opened their stores today and I had my iPhone by noon. Now it is nearly midnight and I’m still playing with the thing, LOL. It is the ultimate little toy! It holds 8GB – it’s an iPod, a 2 megapixel camera, it does email, browses the Web, has all the stuff my Palm Pilot did (notes, clocks, calendar, calculator) – oh – and it does maps too! For up here in the middle of absolutely nowhere! I can look up how to drive from my house to a restaurant or something. I can eBay from anywhere the iPhone can connect to the web, bwa ha ha. I got nothing done today, ho ho ho. I was plugged in! I’m such a geek!