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Doll Street and Swiffer covers

November 30, 2007

swiffer coverYou’re probably wondering what one has to do with the other! Well, I am taking over the online doll club, Doll Street Dreamers, and I am spending soooo much time learning how to run the various types of software and talking to banks and credit card processing centers and just brainstorming that my muse has been neglected. I am starting to have the shakes, yep, craft withdrawals, LOL. I had to break away from the computer and sew. So I decided that since I am officially retired from making Plushies (at least until I get rid of some of the 19 living here now) I would use the fleece for something else. Segue to Swiffer covers! I saw a blog posting about these on the Craftzine blog and figured I could make myself a dozen or so. I really hate having to buy the Swiffer paper covers and then throwing them out. This way I can just toss them in the wash. Save money and feel better about the environment! I cut one long piece of fleece 11″ x 5″ and then the two top pieces are 5″ x 4.5″ – just lay them together and sew. The top piece stretches so it can be slipped on. Couldn’t be simpler – unless someone else did it for you!
You know, if I was a Martha Stewart kind of a girl I’d probably have CLEANED the Swiffer before I took the photo. Nah. That’ll never happen.
Have a great weekend!

Domino Magnets /Jewelry components for sale

November 27, 2007

I decided that I”m not going to put the magnets up on Etsy because by the time I pay all the Etsy fees and PayPal fees there won’t be anything left for me, LOL. So here’s the deal … I will sell you the magnet for $6.00 which will include shipping. I will also include instructions on how to change the magnet into a necklace. The magnet is removable so it can be used in other art projects too. Just click in the sidebar under the mermaid’s photo where it says ‘Write to me via’ and list the number of the magnet(s) you want. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. PayPal takes credit cards now too so you don’t have to have a PayPal account anymore. Fair enough? Click on the photo – I left it really large so you can see the domino magnets close up. Actually, click twice – wait until the new window opens and then click the photo again. Thanks!!! OMG .. THEY ARE ALL GONE! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST .. IT’S A GREAT FEELING TO KNOW THAT YOU APPRECIATE MY WORK … THANK YOU, THANK YOU …

domino magnets

Plushie groupie

November 27, 2007

The craft fair was a bust as far as the plushies were concerned. I sold the little pink one on the far right. So the rest are up for sale .. $30 plus shipping … email if you’re interested … they’ll go up on Etsy eventually but they’ll get lost in the crowd there. Did you know there are nearly 98,000 sellers on Etsy now? Amazing. Anyhow – all the plushies except the little chubby one in the middle are available …

Plushie groupie

… and thanks for all the congrats on my 500th posting! …

500th blog posting !!!

November 24, 2007

In the tradition of other artsy bloggers and in celebration of my blogging milestone, I’m going to have a drawing for a piece of crafty goodness. I will put the name of everyone who leaves a comment on this posting in a hat and will have my hubby pick a name next Wednesday. Funny to think I’ve had this much to say. I really appreciate everyone who comes and visits. I hope you keep coming back for the next 500 entries!!!!

Here’s the last batch of domino magnets I made for the craft fair.. I do love the faces …

Domino magnets

The last of the Plushies!

November 21, 2007

This is it for now. I am done. I still have a ton of fleece and felt but I can’t bring myself to make any more of these right now. Good luck to me finding somewhere to store it all, LOL. I am going to take a group shot of all my plush toys before I head out to the craft show this weekend. But for now, Finestra and I want to wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving!


Equal Opportunity in the Plush World

November 19, 2007

We don’t discriminate in my plush world. Anyone can be a fighter or a wrestler. Consuela here is evidence of that. She recently won her first fight but not without a bruise or two.


I taught a plush toy class yesterday at the quilt shop, I had one student – a young mother in her early 30s. This did not surprise me because I see so many artists in their 20s and 30s making these dolls and the customer base at the quilt shop is way older than that. I think if I was to teach these again I would have to go to somewhere like JoAnn Fabrics rather than the quilt shops. But I had fun with Marissa – she is a beginning sewer so the one-on-one instruction was in her favor!

CD Fragments – Recycled compact disc art

November 17, 2007

CD Fragments 1I decided to make one more thing for the craft fair. These are fragments of old AOL advertising compact disks (CDs) that have been made into pins (brooches?). Easy peasy. They are way prettier in person than in the photo (which you can click to enlarge) because the top layer is enameled. There are about 5 layers each with different elements which make for great depth. Click the 2nd photo and you can see the depth a bit better. My favorite is the one at the top you can barely see – it is stamped Dream – has a clock face – and a beaded ‘pendulum’ – to me it says Dreamtime! CD Fragments 2I even made little cards to mount them on – how’s that for professional, LOL. If these don’t sell at the fair I think I can approach a couple of boutiques with them. Although there are a few tutorials here and there on the web, I am thinking of making these and the domino necklaces/magnets into an online class. What do you think?

Opinion please …

November 15, 2007

I am making domino magnets to sell at the craft fair. Here’s the first dozen that I’ve finished. These are full sized dominos (last year I sold mini’s). I’m not sure how much to charge for them though – $3 or $4. What do YOU think?

2007 doms

These are all made with my newest stamps. Three of them are collage stamps – just love using sections of those! The woman in front of the compass is actually an angel.

Two more wrestlers

November 15, 2007

Donorio When I was in Mexico this past February some of the stall vendors were selling wrestling masks. These were full head masks but I decided for my version it would just be the face. Juan

If you look closely at the yellow one you’ll see I used the negative spaces from the Don King plush’s mustache and mouth for the facial features.
I don’t particularly care for this brown plush’s shape with this mask. I like the mask but it is more scary than fun. Not such a success. I think I am approaching plushie burn-out. Who’da thunk it!

Look familiar?

November 13, 2007

2007 domino art magnetInked and ready to be stamped and made into magnets. If my new stamps ever get here. I ordered from Stampers Anonymous on October 27th and still nothing in the mail … I’m not used to waiting this long for crafty happiness! Grrrr ….
Hi Vicki!!