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Stone Cold Troll Pattern

July 31, 2007

Finally! Here is Mossy McCavern with the one that got away! He’s short, stubby, and very cute (in a manly sort of way!).

New pattern

Learn a new faux stone painting technique – go from plain muslin to granite! I have instructions for all the accessories – the altered bra, the club, and the wristbands. I have two ways of making his loincloth – the mossy one uses Paverpol – but if you don’t want to buy it – then I have instructions for a leather/fake fur one. I have two pages of color photos that you can decide if you want to print or not. What else? Oh, he is 12″ tall, and he is in a fixed position with a brass rod up his … leg! What did you think I was going to say????
I will email the pattern to you.
Price: US $8.00.

I email to you :

A little bit of a diva

July 30, 2007

Celeste turned out to be a bit of a diva. She was very particular about what she wanted to wear – which turned out to be nothing. No sleeves, no shrug. What can you do? I was lucky she let me give her a hat. Which turned out great, by the way. Celeste is going to live with my friend Kate but I think she might have to wait until after doll club to leave home. Oh – she was made from my Stump Sisters pattern.

Celeste 1

Celeste 4

Celeste 2

Celeste 3

A wedding procession?????

July 29, 2007

Doll wedding?

I took this photo to talk about making the illusion of a hat and it struck me that it looks like some strange wedding procession. I have to admit I do have weddings on the mind – Jeanna got married last weekend, this weekend I had my other daughter’s bridal shower, and her wedding will take place in about 3 weeks. I’m actually surprised I haven’t made a bride yet! But anyhow – this shows the hat once it has been immersed in fabric stiffy and it is drying. By covering the head with plastic you can mold and pin the fabric in place, creating the illusion of a hat. When dry you just add flowers, feathers, and so on and so forth. Maybe I should make her a little bouquet to hold, hmmm.
This next photo shows what else I did this weekend. We put up nearly 40 cans of wild Copper River red salmon. Each can holds about 1.4 lbs. So that’s a lotsa salmon! Gotta love the artistic filters that come with Photoshop Elements. Plain old cans are so boring to look at!

salmon cans

How to use beaded trim

July 26, 2007

This may not be new to anyone but me! I have a lot of beaded trim and the ribbon is usually so wide that I haven’t found a good way to use it on dolls. When I was searching for trim to use on my Stump Sister I found some pre-beaded trim that was perfect. So I played with it until I figured out how I could reduce the size of the ribbon without cutting it. Twist, twist, twist! It’s all in the wrist.

Start with your standard beaded trim

Beaded trim tutorial

Start to twist and pin the end. Keep twisting. You can either twist the whole thing or twist and sew as you go. You have to sew the twists into place – I used a running stitch.

Beaded trim tutorial

Place your piece on your doll and sew into place. Make sure you sew one fringe to either side of the center ribbon.

Beaded trim tutorial

A wonderful day

July 21, 2007

Today my daughter Jeana got married. It was a lovely day and I am thrilled to have gained a great son-in-law. We had the wedding here at my house. I’m not cleaning a thing until tomorrow, LOL. I’m just going to sit here and finish off the champagne!!! Here’s a couple of photos for you to enjoy.

Jeanna & Shane

Jeanna & Shane

Don’t give the pregnant lady a knife …

Cake stabber

Charmed .. I’m sure …

July 20, 2007

charmedThis is the beginning of a charm bracelet holder. Sherry Goshon designed her and is teaching her in an online class. This part is made of canvas – and glued to an Altoid Box. Those things on her are rubber bands – holding the body to the box until it’s dry. It’s a great shape and we are going to paint, stencil, and who knows what on her body. I have to say that turning a canvas body right side out was quite interesting – I think I built new muscles! I’ve since gessoed her and I’m waiting anxiously until the next lesson is posted!

Photoshop Elements

July 18, 2007

Stone Cold advertisement card
My friend Kate Erbach turned me onto the Photoshop Elements software and I really like it. It helped me create this little advertisement. Kate told me about this great website where you can find royalty-free photographs for use in your art. That’s where the star shaped ice cubes that I use as the background for this piece came from. I think that Anuuk is going to be my little logo girl – she sure fits the bill!

I’m happy now

July 18, 2007

Better faceI’m much happier with this face. This is the fourth head I made before I was happy. It ended up being that I was making the features too big for the head so I downsized some and it worked out better. I can live with this!!! Phew.

If at first …

July 13, 2007

Cloth over
If at first you don’t succeed then cover it with cloth! I screwed up needle sculpting a head and tried to pick the stitches out. Yeah, right. All I did was make holes in the fabric. So I thought I’d try covering with cloth. It was fun to do but she looks like she doesn’t have a nose, LOL. This is the second head I’ve made trying to get a good one for my project. I’ll try again tomorrow!

Front page news

July 10, 2007

I’m working on a project for Doll Crafter and Costuming so I can’t show any progress reports right now. Instead I’ll post the front page photo of the doll my student made. I need to get in touch with a couple of these gals and see how their dolls turned out in the end. This one just has a skein of yarn stuck on her head for the photo shoot, LOL. I really do love this cherry fabric!