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June 28, 2007

TwinsCheck this out … the one on the left is the face I made as I demo’ed face sculpting and painting in the class down on the Kenai. I’m amazed at how alike they are – I actually followed my own instructions, LOL. Sweet!!!!

Quilting on the Kenai doll class

June 25, 2007

My students
I had a fantastic time teaching beginning doll making at the 13th Annual Quilting on the Kenai extravaganza. I had a great bunch of women in my class who made some fabulous dolls. Which shouldn’t have surprised me because some of them are award winning quilters and fabric artists. Matter of fact my hostess, Karen Fogarty, won a 1st for her chenille jacket, a 1st for her fairy doll, and a 2nd for a purse. Phew. Out of the 11 women in class, two had made dolls before. You’d never have known that by the time they were all done though. Click here to see lots of photos of their dolls. Much better ones too – where you can actually see the dolls! The photo here is lousy – I have no clue what my camera decided to focus on. I took my old camera and that was a big mistake!
The quilt show itself was a blast – lots of fabulous eye candy, a treadle sewing machine race, antique quilts, and great vendors (more fabric!!). Saturday evening we went to a wearable art fashion show. Lots of inspiration there! I was on the run from the minute I got there to the minute I left. If you ever come to Alaska at the end of June you will have to see it for yourself.

Oh woe is me…

June 19, 2007

I am trying to make a jacket. I don’t usually sew clothes, I’m pretty sure that the last time I did was 5 years ago when I made my daughter’s prom dress. I didn’t pick the easiest fabric to work with … a silky print with little stones glued all over it. I am having to scrape the stones off the seam allowance – what a PIA!!!! But it’s going together slowly but surely. I have the sleeves left to set in and then hem, hem, hem. Phew. Now you know one reason I’ve been so quiet. I’m pulling my hair out, ha ha ha.

Too many projects ..

June 16, 2007

fish bowlI’m working on a million things at once and nothing is far enough along to take photos of. I’m getting the folders together for the class I’m teaching next week – I have 15 students now. I’m also making the weight pouches and wood bottoms for them. Bought some fabric today and I am going to try to make a jacket – one of those lightweight kimono/duster type things. I am continuing to collect stuff for my new doll .. and I’m refinishing this fish tank … it is a goldfish tank – supposed to be like a TV .. it’s the Fish Network .. entirely too cutesy for me … .but I’ve covered it with gesso and a layer of white tissue paper…. next is paint …

Home Dec … pillow covers 101

June 11, 2007

I was doing a bit of sprucing up around the house today. Painted some trim on a couple of interior doors and had to do an exterior one too. Then I decided to change the look of my couch pillows. I had found some fabric in my stash that looked to be a match to the pillow I bought from Kelli and it actually wasn’t just 1/4 of a yard! It is enough to do all three of my couch pillows. I hardly ever do any home dec sewing. I made these so the existing pillow slips inside. I saw these all the time at the quilt shop I used to work in but never saw how they made them. I didn’t know what I was doing but it worked out fine.


Pillow before


pillow after

This ought to liven the place up a bit!!!
The back piece is actually two pieces of fabric and they have an overlap – that’s where the pillow slips in. I’ll show you …

pillow back

If you want to know how to make these leave a comment and I’ll do a photo tutorial when I make the next one.

What’s she up to now ????

June 10, 2007

CW 1
Here’s a glimpse of some of the pieces parts I am going to be using for my next doll. Part cloth – part assemblage??? We have a wooden base, the middle of a steamer basket, some wires from a power supply, a couple of dowels, and some rigid wrap. I have to go do some dumpster diving in an electrical/construction supply dumpster for some more things – or else it’s off to the plumbing supply house for me!

What northern mermaids wear

June 8, 2007

This is Anuuk. She is an Alaskan mermaid, living in the cold depths of the Bering Sea. She is a beautiful creature but she doesn’t seem to thrill the sailors as much as her tropical cousins do. Might have something to do with the kuspuk and sea mittens that she wears to help ward off the chill. This is her best kuspuk – it has a wolf fur ruff and fox fur accents.
I think this is my favorite mermaid so far! She was inspired by a comic drawn by Chad Carpenter of Tundra Comics. You can see the comic strip here.

Gratitude journal – this one’s for YOU !

June 7, 2007

I have decided to overcome my fear of journaling and I’ve started a gratitude journal. I am using a fabric covered journal that my friend Heather (who I really miss) made for me. I thought it very appropriate. Here is today’s page … I really am grateful for all my online friends and all of you who visit my blog … so this one’s for you!

friends journal page

Oh, and yes, that is a photo of me!

Freedom Flight: patriotic folk art eagle

June 3, 2007

Eagle web
Sometimes it’s nice to do something different. I enjoyed making this eagle from my friend Kerry’s pattern even though I didn’t follow directions too well. She said to stuff the wings lightly before sewing the channels. Well, it seems that stuffing lightly isn’t in my lexicon. Therefore I not only broke needles but my Bernina 440 actually refused to sew. Seems that it has a pressure foot sensor and if something is too fat it thinks the foot isn’t down and it won’t sew. Period. At all. I had to get out another sewing machine. But at least I’ve learned a new quirk of my 440!