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More magnets

July 31, 2006

I made a few more altered business card magnets. They are fairly plain but I did learn a thing or two. Let me tell you about them …


More wax collage

July 27, 2006

Today was a very good art day, things just flowed. Some days are like that and other days you just stare at a blank piece of paper/fabric/whatever. I made two beeswax collages as well as an ATC – photos of the collages follow.


Diane’s scissor fobs

July 27, 2006

Diane recently bought my e-class on how to make scissor fobs and I think she went a bit overboard, LOL. She has made over 60 fobs – and in only two days! Now that’s getting your money’s worth from a class. You can make these too – my class is only $5.00 – or if you only want one then you can buy one of Diane’s fobs – she is selling them for $3.50 plus shipping.
Here are two that she made. The red, white, and blue one is my favorite!

Diane's fobs 1
Diane's fobs 2

Fairy bust completed

July 26, 2006

She’s done! I didn’t do much embellishing – just added some leaves and flowers using the Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Here are three photos …


Handmade Book

July 24, 2006

This is the last of the projects I made at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. It was supposed to be a book that held all the ATCs we traded in class but I doubt I will use it for that. The cover is a piece of watercolor paper that has umpteen layers of paint, stamping, and even fabric snippets on it. The end paper is another piece of watercolor paper that I painted – but with way less layers. This one only has about 5 layers. The black wiggly stuff is the Krylon Webbing Spray – that stuff is way cool! I have to buy some! I actually like the end paper better than the book cover!

Click image to enlarge

Handmade book

End papers

Back to the sculpt !

July 23, 2006

Finally got all the stuff put away that I dragged up to the University for the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. We never got the final project finished but we got enough done that we can finish at home. I still have to take a photo of that book.
Today was an absolutely gorgeous day so I took my Paverpol and my candlestick sculpt and went outside to play. That stuff is incredibly messy! The piece is coming out wonderfully through …


Accordian book

July 20, 2006

… or maybe I should call today’s posting ‘Look – no boobs!”. No drag queens, no vintage nudes. Just something fairly normal. I must be losing my touch, LOL. I think today’s project has been my favorite so far. I can see lots of possibilities for these little books. They will make great gifts and they make up fast. I made this one for my Aunt Sandy …


Wax collage

July 19, 2006

I know I said that I’d take another photo of the queen today but I decided to add another element to it and I won’t be doing that until tomorrow. Today we took the lid from the cigar box that was yesterday’s project and used it as the base for a wax collage. Take a look at my lovely little project …


Cigar box collage

July 18, 2006

Since I couldn’t get down to any of the doll conferences this year I decided to treat myself to a class at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. I am taking Collage and Mixed Media from Brenda Milan. This is a week long class – from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Lots of art time! Three girls that I know are taking the class and we’re sitting together and having lots of fun. Today we made a collage inside a cigar box. Learned some fun paint techniques and then we started to build our little people for inside the box. Most everyone did something family oriented – Susan made a collage of her pets, Kris made a collage of her son, Dalonna made a shrine to her grandmother, and me? I’m out in left field as usual. I made a drag queen. Tomorrow we finish it up by covering it with a piece of clear plexiglass that we will transfer words onto. I will take a better photo of this piece tomorrow. There is a lot of innuendo that you can’t really see, such as a peacock in one of the window frames. Kai – Dom would appreciate this one!

Cigar box collage

Sculpting – ugh!

July 15, 2006

I am taking an on-line class that requires you to sculpt a bust. Okay – so maybe require is too harsh a word – I could use a cloth bust – but the instructions are for sculpting. The face is a mold made by Sherry Goshon. I added a back of the head and a little bit of a neck. The first one I tried didn’t have a neck and I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt for the torso. It ended up in the trash. I didn’t know what I was doing and the Aves dried too fast. So I switched over to polymer clay. This is what I have so far .. don’t laugh!