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Sherry Goshon – Illusion of Costuming

January 31, 2006

This past weekend my club hosted Sherry Goshon for a class in costuming. Sherry teaches the Illusion of Costuming – meaning that the clothes are NOT constructed as proper outfits that will come off. I always love to see how different we all think and how we interpret a concept …


Having a blast!

January 29, 2006

Oh my – I didn’t realize just how much I’ve missed having someone to share dolls and just artsy stuff with. I’m having a lot of fun with Sherry. On Friday we made collages on canvas – using paint, paper, images, embellishments, whatever we could think of – they came out really cool. Today we had the first day of class and I’m learning a ton! Tonight we played with some epoxy putty from the hardware store that seems to work the same as the Aves Epoxy Sculpt – except it smells like old perm solution. STINKY! Then Sherry got into my boneyard and put together the funniest little creature. As soon as things slow down and I have some computer time I’ll take some photos.

Doll class

January 27, 2006

Sherry Goshon is here to teach a doll costuming class to my club this weekend. We’re really looking forward to it. Thought we were going to do some sightseeing today but it is 40 degrees below zero so I think we’ll just stay in and have a play day instead! I’ve been wanting a costuming class for ages – it’s really a big hole in my skills. Stay tuned for photos!

Fabric Face Art Card

January 25, 2006

Fifth in the series …. I just love this one, of course, I love all of them, LOL. This is the first time I’ve used a model for inspiration – if you call a picture of an anime character a model. I make these for sale on eBay. This one was even more fiddly than the last one. I used fabric for the pupils and had a hard time getting the backing paper off something that tiny. Next time I’ll take the paper off before I cut out the shape!


Click image to enlarge

Bella’s Adventures

January 24, 2006

Months and months ago I sent out my doll to participate in an around-the-world round robin project. She recently went to India with her English hostess. This is the first time I’ve seen photos of Bella Donna since she left here. She seems to have gained legs, stockings and shoes. She lost her corset top and someone seems to have given her gigantic breasts. Absolutely humongous. Poor thing – she’ll need back surgery when she gets home from hauling those things around! Shashi posted lots of pictures recording Bella’s adventure in India at her blog.

Trapper John

January 22, 2006

Remember the doll that was in the oven? He’s all dressed and ready to go now! You can see him here!

Dolly Tanning Booth?

January 21, 2006

There is something just so wrong about this ….

doll in oven

At least the stove is electric and not gas .. then I’d feel even worse! But you know, it has been about 40 degrees below zero here lately, maybe she just wanted to warm up. Hey – if I had the broiler on I could just say it’s a dolly tanning booth!

Funky face series

January 20, 2006

Made another one of my funky face cards. I really enjoy these except they make a huge mess. Lots of tiny little pieces floating everywhere and they are hard to corral to use or throw away. As usual with art – sometimes the first piece just doesn’t work out – so I might make a few eyes or lips. Then I also have all the tiny pieces of backing paper to contend with. Luckily Zach doesn’t come in the studio anymore so I don’t have to worry about him eating the pieces that fall to the floor! I have the card up for sale on eBay if you’re interested.

Heart’s A Flutter

January 19, 2006

Finished up the angel heart project. Even have it up on eBay now! You can see it here.
Nothing like being lazy, eh?

Angel Heart

January 17, 2006

I have been sketching things that I can make (and hopefully sell) for Valentine’s Day. This one got a bit out of hand – I meant to make a small heart with angel wings. The wings on this are 18″ long – a bit bigger than I was thinking. It’s not done – I just laid the pieces on the floor to take the photo. Still have to sew it all together. The heart is stuffed and the wings are quilted with a layer of batting. Kind of odd, eh?