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Dasselrond needs a new home

September 29, 2005

I need to make room for new dolls! So I thought I’d mention one that I’d like to find a new home for. This is Dasselrond – he’s a dragon from a Smallworks Pattern. Dasselrond is a pretty amazing piece. Three of us got together and worked on those dragons because they were fairly complicated. . His horns, ears, and spine fins are purple panne velvet, his belly and wings are batiks, the rest of his body is a purple/blue/gold print. He has glass alligator eyes, lots of picot beading along his wings, beading along both sides of his spine fins, and a mohair mane. The bottom half of his tail is stuffed with sand to help him balance. He’s jointed, so he is fully poseable, but his wings are pretty heavy due to the beading I did so they don’t go all the way up now. I got out the measuring tape to get Dasselrond’s particulars and he got rather snooty with me. But I persevered, told him that I was measuring him for a new golden jacket. He settled down after that and I found out that he is 30″ long from snout to tail, about 12″ high, and has a wingspan of about 26″. Those purple dragons think they are the cat’s meow. He’s one of the best pieces I’ve made yet!
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Dragon Doll

September 27, 2005

Mona Lisa

Decos and stuff

September 24, 2005

The new JoAnn Fabric superstore opened yesterday. So I went and checked it out today. I was very good – I didn’t do too much damage to my checkbook. I did buy some more of those alcohol inks – got the last package left in the store (love that 40% off coupon!). They have tons more stuff, plus a huge scrapbooking section, so I can see myself saving money on shipping now, yay!
When I got home I tried to get some deco work out of the way. I don’t have many left to do now, yay. Of course, someone will send me more as soon as these move along to the next victim, er, artist. But I got to play with something that was new to me today so that was cool.


Alcohol Inks

September 22, 2005

I finally got some alcohol inks to play thanks to my friend Heather. She spoils me! I have to be careful when I talk about wanting to try something because the next thing I know it will be in my mailbox! Yesterday Kelli, one of the artists in the Embellished Circus, did some awesome work with alcohol inks and she inspired me to give it a go today.


Making blanks

September 20, 2005

Sometimes you get on a roll and you get a lot done. Today was a day like that for me. I made 9 Goddess blanks using some patterns from Ronda Kivett’s site. If you don’t sew she sells pre-sewn bodies, and even kits that contain face cabs and beads. I used three of her patterns and just dug through my scrap pile for the fabrics.


Nearly there ..

September 19, 2005

Thought I’d give another try at making a head for the walking gal. At the rate I’m making heads for this thing she could have been a multi-headed monster for a second-rate sci-fi movie.


My first magazine cover

September 16, 2005

Oh – this was too much fun! One of the girls in the Embellished Circus made a magazine and told us where to go to make our own. So here is the first edition (okay, so it’s just the cover) of The Godmother Gazette!
Godmother Gazette
Make your own magazine cover or trading card or art stamp! It’s fun! Hope it works for you – it didn’t work on my laptop, something must have been interfering with the program – I ended up having to use my desktop computer to get it to work. But I’m glad I did! I see more magazines in my future, LOL.

Flower Face

September 15, 2005

This past Monday our doll club’s program was watercolor pencil faces. We all made a head from the #2 pattern in Patti Culea’s new book Creative Cloth Doll Faces. Had it sculpted and features draw on before the meeting so we could spend more time playing with the watercolors. I love how mine turned out.


New Orleans

September 13, 2005

I’ve wanted to make an ATC about the tragedy in New Orleans and I found this quote on a piece of paper in my kitchen. I’m not sure where it came from – obviously it came in an envelope of mail art but I don’t know whose. So I decided to use it on a paper ATC. I made a montage of some photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and this is how it ended up.
Paper ATC

I’m having too much fun!

September 10, 2005

Moving right along with these ATCs .. got another two done today. I’ve finally smartened up and actually lay the whole thing out before I start cutting, fusing, and sewing. Before I just kind of built it as I went along. I like this way better. I’m happy with these latest two too.