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Another gal finished

August 29, 2005

She’s done! Dressed, wigged, embellished, etc, etc. If you remember, I posted that I didn’t make the head right so I was going to do another one. I did. Did all the sculpting, embroidering, etc. I liked it but thought I could do better so I made a third head. Well, she didn’t like it – insisted on having the first finished head back . These girls can be so picky, heads and faces, you’d think she was going to a beauty contest. She sure posed for her photos like she was in one!


Fabric Dyeing Class

August 28, 2005

Yesterday I went to a fabric dyeing class – and it was a blast! This was the first time I actually used proper dye, not watered down fabric paint! I tried a few different techniques and some came out great and some weren’t so hot. Let me tell you (and show you) what I did.


Follow the directions, fool!

August 26, 2005

I worked a bit more on the curvaceous one today. The arms are done and the boobs are sewn on. Made one head but since the instructions called for me to do something different to what I am accustomed to doing, well, I didn�t do it. So the head didn�t work. She has no cheeks. She looks like an old prune. So I will have to make another one – following the directions this time. Sheesh.

Guess what I did!

August 25, 2005

You’re not going to believe what I did today! It’s so amazing! It starts with the letter D.


Sunflower ATC

August 25, 2005

Here’s a very simple ATC … background was pieces of a sunflower napkin torn up and glued down, on top of that are various papers and a vintage fruit crate label with mini brads in the corners. Some gold ribbon, copper trim and an iron-on stone finish it off.

Even more ATCs

August 23, 2005

I have lots of bright cardstock and cutesy papers from when I scrapbooked a few years ago. I worked really bold and bright when I scrapbooked but I seem to use softer colors on my ATCs. So I’ll have to see if I can break out of this mold! Anyway, I finally got the Vintage Sewing Artist Trading Cards finished up today. I made 9 of them so I should get 9 back. That should be fun! I found some images of vintage trade cards that I used for some of them. Here’s the two I made today.


Typo Generator

August 20, 2005

I belong to a select group of artists who make quality mail art. One of the projects we are doing is making business cards so we will have each others addresses handy for mailing. Right now I seem to keep everyone’s addresses on post-it notes which I constantly lose! One of the women posted a link to a site which makes �typo posters� – it is a very interesting little application which takes text you write, searches Google images for pictures that correspond to the words and then makes a little poster for you. You can change the text attributes, the colors, and backgrounds until you get one you like. This is what I chose for the background for my business card. The group is called Embellished Circus and I think the program did a great job of combining all the elements. The website is called TypoGenerator. It really makes cool little collage images – you�ll have to try it. But be prepared to spend some time there playing!

Puff it up!

August 18, 2005

I figured out why my postcard didn’t puff up like I thought it would when I heated the craft foam – my stitching was too dense. I made another sample yesterday and did some really big stippling stitches – it puffed great! The sample was big enough to cut down for two postcards but then I had the problem of ‘what do you put on top of a bunch of puffy fabric’? On one I put an applique I have had for about 5 years and the other got a leftover piece of the sample put on top (cut much smaller) and a little heart applique that I fussy cut from another piece of fabric. Didn’t take photos – they’re not that great – they are nice – but not great.
Oh – I bought some watercolor-paper postcards to try as a backing for the postcards instead of fabric. I’ll have to dig out one of my old needles to use so I don’t ruin the one I’m using on the machine now. I’ve been reading that a lot of people do this and it will be SO much eaiser to write on than fabric!
Not much else going on – today I cleaned house instead of play in my studio. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Queen Bea

August 16, 2005

I’ve been just the busy little bee the last couple of days. Today I finished up my paper doll for a challenge on Doll Street and I got the fronts done for a couple of fabric postcards. After these are finished I’ll only have two postcards left to make for the international swap that I’ve been doing for the last 5 1/2 months. I’ll miss getting them in the mail! But then it’s on to fabric artist-trading-cards – I’ve got three swaps to make them for. No rest for the wicked! Anyhow – here’s Queen Bea – my paper doll. I used an illustration from a Dover Book for the torso and drew everything else.
Click to enlarge

Queen Bea

Fire on the Mountain

August 15, 2005

I decided to experiment with puckering fabric by shrinking craft foam today. Sounds strange, eh? Sew News magazine had an article about fabric bowls that were made this way. The easiest way to explain what I did is to show you.