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Melting – my new hobby

July 31, 2005

Made a couple more pin dolls – I have to get three done and in the mail this week for the swap on FOCD. I did some multi-media work on them so I was using my heat gun and my mini-iron. The two of them tried to set my studio on fire today. When I wasn’t looking the cord from the heat gun draped itself over the hot barrel of the iron. The vinyl cord melted all the way through and when the wires hit the hot metal – KAPOW! There was a huge boom and then fireworks. The two of them sent sparks flying! I nearly had a heart attack. Luckily the pins were done except for their backs. Phew. Here they are …


One more project done

July 30, 2005

My folks left this morning. We didn’t do much and I was able to get a couple of projects finished while they were here. Here’s the flat doll that I made as a thank-you gift.


Just stuff

July 25, 2005

My parents are here visiting – we’re doing the tourist thing and my girls have been coming for dinner every night – it’s been great! I’m busier than I thought I’d be though and haven’t had any time to write. Nor any time to play. My folks brought up the Prismacolor pencil set I had ordered online and had delivered to their house (another office supply company that won’t ship to Alaska). Wow – it’s the entire set – great colors – but now I have like 140 pencils to sharpen. Ugh. Don’t know what that has to do with anything. I wanted to show you the ATCs I finished right before the folks got here.


Half done

July 19, 2005

Today I received the most incredible box in the mail – it was packed full of goodies for making paper art. It was from Heather who I met through swapping mail art on Nervousness. I can’t begin to tell you how amazed I am at the friends I have been making via email lately. The level of thoughtfulness and sharing exceeds anything I’ve ever known. I was going to take a picture to show you the stuff she sent but it covered my table and I couldn’t get it all in. I�ll be sending her a goodie box too but I wanted to make her a thank-you gift too. So I started making one using some of the stuff she sent me. This is based on the Barbara Willis Sew Lovely paper doll pattern. The base was an off-white highly textured paper from Heather – I think it might have been a wallpaper sample. It is wrapped around a piece of illustration board so it has substance to it. I – guess what – stamped it with dye inks, then I colored it with water soluble oil pastels and blended them together. Then I added some metallic rub on and then some metallic blue paint. I never seem to stop at one type of media to get the look I�m going for. After that I threaded some ribbon through eyelet trim and ruched it along the top of the bosom – it looks like it was gathered with thread but it was just squished with glue. Great trick that Barbara taught us. Put more of the same down the middle and then covered it all up with jewels that Heather sent me. The bottom is a pre-pleated dark green trim on top of which I put some �pearl� trim. I think this is off to a good start!
Paper Doll
I wish I could figure out why my camera just doesn�t do colors properly indoors. The background was a bright yellow folder – but it sure doesn�t look that way in the picture. Oh well. Maybe some day I�ll get proper lights to take photos under. But I doubt it.

Fallen Angel ATC

July 16, 2005

What’s nice about making these ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) is that when you want to be a little creative you can be. After all – they are pretty small! I had bought a couple of note pads with little angels on them, a label maker, and had read about a new technique to make backgrounds. So I figured I’d put them all together. This is what I came up with…


Found Object Pin Dolls

July 13, 2005

Monday night my doll club had a found object pin doll workshop. The idea was to take ‘junk’ and make something out of it. We had kid’s wooden blocks, lots of junk jewelry, driftwood, seashells, dominoes, just all sorts of stuff. I really haven’t ever tried this kind of thing before so I was looking forward to it. This is what I came up with.


Artist of the Month

July 11, 2005

I don’t think I mentioned that I’m Artist of the Month over at Doll Street. Its’ an on-line club that I belong to. So if you want to read about me .. not what I’m making …check it out but you need to do it this month (July 2005) or it will be gone.

This is really strange …

July 10, 2005

In the back of my mind I have been thinking about that self-portrait challenge that Quilting Arts is having. The examples in the magazine showed fabric collaged faces. So I thought I’d try one.


Fiona’s journal

July 9, 2005

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have done this but that journal was crying out to me to be altered. Three of us have worked on the journal now and it has some nice work on the inside. The outside was, well, undecorated. It didn’t speak to the beauty and joy being created inside. I couldn’t help myself.


Desert Fairy visits

July 8, 2005

Fiona, the round robin desert fairy, is not enjoying herself here. Must have something to do with yesterday’s encounter with Bluster the Bear. She got her boots today and I think she’s ready to hit the road.