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Gone fishing!

June 30, 2005

Going out of town for a few days so I won’t be posting for a week or so. My daughter and her boyfriend are going to be staying at my house while I’m gone – I wonder if she’ll be tempted to play with any of my art supplies? That would be nice. I would love to see one of my girls get into art. I’m trying to decide what I can take with me to do – not that I’ll end up making anything, I never do, but I have to be prepared anyway! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July and I’ll talk to you soon!

Judi A’s “Spirit of the Dance”

June 28, 2005

Today I worked on Judi A’s Flat Stanley doll. She named her ‘Spirit of the Dance’. With 18 of us working on these dolls you can’t do much or else the gals at the end will have a heck of a time finding room to embellish. So today I gave her ballet shoes.


Treadle machine

June 27, 2005

Okay – so my $25 garage sale bargain isn’t such a bargain anymore. I spent about $100 getting it up to snuff – I talked myself into getting it cleaned professionally and it ended up needing another part too. But, that said, if I hadn’t of done that I would have been completely frustrated trying to sew on it. The tech told me that the bobbin case was out of round just enough that it would have sewn horribly. He said the bobbin thread would have come off fast, then slow, then fast and I would have had nests in my fabric. Besides which I really do believe in getting your machines looked after and this one was sitting in a garage for at least 4 years. So she’s all clean and pretty now! Just have to get the hubby to carry the cabinet downstairs, figure out how to attach the belt and we’re off to the races!

Wonderful surprise!

June 25, 2005

I received a wonderful surprise for my birthday yesterday – a friendship doll from my Internet buddy Kai. This is only the second doll anyone has made for me – so I was thrilled. It’s great that we have a tool like the net to reach out to people around the world. Here’s a couple of pictures of her:


Another machine

June 23, 2005

Well I went out to the pre-garage sale and bought that repro Singer treadle machine. My husband called me on my cell phone as I was heading out there ..
“Where are you?”
“Heading to Salcha” I said in a really small voice
“Going to a garage sale”
“It’s a surprise”
Didn’t dare say I was going to buy another sewing machine. Now he probably thinks I’m buying something for him. So the sewing machine sitting in the garage will really be a surprise for him when he gets home from work today. But, back to the machine. It seems to be in fairly good shape for sitting in a garage for a few years. Missing a belt and a thread pin as far as I can see. But I’m taking it in to the shop tomorrow to buy those bits for it – shouldn’t be much more than $15 in all. The gal at the shop said the thread pin isn’t standard so I have to take the machine in to be fitted. So – a good deal in my book – $25 for the machine and cabinet – and $15 to fix it up. The cabinet is in really bad shape – it’s falling apart. But it’s made of really cheap veneer and particle board so I’m not surprised. My hubby is a carpenter and he can fix it for me. Or maybe we’ll just build a new cabinet. Who knows. It’ll be fun to play with in any case.
Note: It’s a few hours later now than when I wrote the above. My husband DID think I was buying him something. He said after he talked to me he got out the newspaper and looked at the garage sale ads trying to figure out what I was buying HIM! Ooops. But he thinks it’s really cool and he even showed me how to use the bobbin winder – now that was a real surprise for me!

She’s baaack …

June 21, 2005

I got back to work on the Crash Test Daughter today. Decided to start giving her a face. I wanted to use watercolor pencil on her but it didn’t seem to want to lay down over the fabric paint I used as the base layer. So I switched to my old stand-by, gel pens.


Shhh, don’t tell!

June 20, 2005

Have you heard of Freecycle? It’s a Yahoo mailing list that offers and asks for items people are getting rid of instead of taking them to the dump. Each participating city has it’s own list. You’re not supposed to advertise items for sale but sometimes people do. The other day someone advertised a garage sale and said she had an ‘old fashioned’ sewing machine. Hmmm, I thought, I wonder if it’s a Singer Featherweight. So we emailed back and forth a few times and it turns out it’s a reproduction Singer treadle machine. For $25.00. Now, I need another sewing machine like I need a hole in the head but I think I’ll go out there and take a look at it anyway. I’m not telling my husband either – maybe he won’t notice it! Would sewing on a treadle count as exercise?

Selling dolls

June 17, 2005

I’d like to sell some of my dolls. They are taking over the house and having wild parties while I sleep. I’m getting tired of cleaning up after them. But I’m not sure how to sell them. I’ve heard that cloth dolls don’t sell on eBay at all – or if they do it’s for very little. My thought was to have a ‘Dolls for Sale’ link on the blog so you could click to a page with their pictures on it. That’s the easy part. The hard part is how to have people pay. PayPal has a ‘Buy it Now’ button that you can use but I don’t know how you could stop more than one person from clicking on it. I wrote to them and got a form letter reply that was all about auctions. Big help – NOT! Or is it even a worry? I don’t think there would be a rush to buy my dolls. Another idea was just to have people email me if they are interested and I could give them my PayPal ID. My brother, the web maestro, said that’s too boring and slow. He says people want instant gratification and if they buy something it needs to be right then not after a bunch of emails. I want to sell the Whisper doll that I just finished and a few older dolls too. If anyone has any good ideas please leave me a comment.

World’s worst quilter

June 15, 2005

Finally got some sewing done today. Decided to work on some postcards while I listened to the BRAC commision community hearing regarding the future of the Air Force Base here in Fairbanks. We had some great speakers and it was very interesting. What was also interesting was seeing what a crappy quilter I’ve become since I made my last quilt about 7 years ago!


Lending library

June 14, 2005

I have a small branch library in my town and everyone there knows me because I’m in there at least once a week. They are interested in arts and crafts and one of the librarians makes most of her blouses from batiks. Anyway, they knew I had a doll coming out in a book and recently reminded me that they wanted to see the book. So I lent the librarians my
Creative Cloth Doll Faces
book. Thought that was funny – kind of backwards. The couple of times I’ve been in there since they’ve had it I’ve heard great comments on the book. The head librarian is even going to order a copy for the library. Cool! But I should have made them check it out since they’ve had it for a few weeks now. It’s overdue!